The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Keen to play this. It’s out 11/11/11

No composing in November, that’s for sure :)

Never finished IV but i enjoyed side missions for dark brotherhood.

I thought Fallout 4 will use ID Soft’s Rage engine.



I used to play elder scrolls 3 , morrowind ( was it 2003 , 2004 don’t remember exactly ) , I was so deeply absorbded into the game that I almost forgot there was something like a ’ REAL WORLD ’ out there .
The graphics were amazing , remember the scene with al those big battle ships and this floating orb like thing , IMPRESSIVE

what a trailer ! Hope the combat gameplay and the general difficulty balance will be better than Oblivion’s one.

For any UK folks getting this on PC, Tesco is the cheapest with this code knocking a fiver off: EXM5OFF25-1
Plus, using Quidco you get 8% cashback, which will knock off another ~£3. It’s free delivery and Tesco tend to deliver early with pre-orders, so you may beat the official release date. You also get the limited edition cloth map.

An awesome video about the sound (and music) of Skyrim:

Make sure you use the ‘Long’ (found in ‘more options’ when you click on Share) link from Youtube.
ie. NOT


Barbarian choir on next album: confirmed!

I don’t notice my ass is on fire, Lydia face-plants a deer and the dragon gets confused by trees.

I’ve been playing it for quite a few hours…
The land is huge and looking at it from a distance, it has all its charms as well.
I guess they didn’t had enough time to make dx10 or dx11 textures and effects or they simply support Dx9 to be sure folks with XP can still play it as well.
Where did they found all those goofballs to write all those books were never gonna read anyway? ;)

thanks Achenar, now i know you can sprint and i’ve been playing for about 15 hours…
it’s been better than oblivion for sure though but there’s that familiar problem. i need a place to dump all this stuff i’ve hoarded.

somewhat offtopic, but after loving some failed things like the Amiga, Meamo/Meego, and my own band :)
how many of you love the cursed but best (in my opinion) Metroid series?

The Amiga didn’t fail! That’s blasphemy! It’s just been a while between the previous model and the next one… :)

but that’s the thing, all those things didn’t fail, metroid got the highest grades ever but didn’t sell
so it didn’t fail for what it was, but commercially. just like amiga did.

The land isn’t huge. About the same size as Oblivion’s Cyrodiil.

I’d say it’s overall a step up from Oblivion. With a bit of Morrowind with the political struggles.