The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Everything in the area decides to pile on for this fight. Dragons, wolves, corrupted deer, spriggans… they all die.

Buy a house. ;)

I never get around in saving 5000 gold for that…
Shopkeepers usually don’t have all the gold to buy all my stuff (specially not those heavy dragonbones i carry etc.)
Besides when sold everything, you can run again ;)
But you can also stash your stuff in one of the ruins around the map and fast travel to it everytime you need something.

Craft a chest. ;)

I found out if you join the mages guild (which is easy) you get a free room and a few wardrobes to put things in.

If you have collected the object from the blade woman at the Giant’s Inn, there you can also stuff your materials and sleep in the room she offered you after asking for the attic room. Also you can put your stuff in the chests there.

Thus far I seem to have accumulated more cash than I need – the armour and weapons I’ve looted are as good as or better than anything I’ve found for sale, and beyond the odd spot of training, a spell or two, and more lockpicks than I need (the lockpick mini game is hella easier than Oblivion’s, yet lockpicks are much easier to come by) I’ve not found anything much worth buying. Heck, even most of the quest-completion gifts are essentially junk.

Dunno much about the game, but this made me lol today:

Yeah, i’m usually also selling everything instead of buying it.
The only thing i really bought was a horse, that is must-have object: If you want to fast travel while overloaded, you can only do that on horseback.(And the fact that my horse is pretty much a super mountaingoat and able to walk across very thin and steep ridges of mountains :P)

For now I kill, I burn, I loot, I sell & I enchant my weapons with a Frost Power.

BTW, an electro-remix of The Age of Agression would be cool.

Yeah the guard doesn’t release the prisoner after being paid. Just talking to the prisoner after paying the guard will get you the info anyway.

Even though I was a real gamer in the past, I’ve lost my interest in almost all new games coming out these days. Then I tried Skyrim, and I was lost again. Just like with Fallout 3 and Oblivion.

Level 25 Wood Elf signin in!

Just finished the main storyline, and overall it felt less satisfying than Oblivion – the plot never really evolved much beyond “kill a dragon, do a dungeon crawl, kill another dragon”, the stat mechanics have been oversimplified (not quite as dumbed down as Fable 3, but close), there’s not much in the way of epic weaponry or armour (I’m still more or less running around with the gear I picked up half way through), and no real reward for saving the world – the way most NPCs react you’d have thought nothing had changed.

Not a bad game, but not great either…

Only a true Imperial would ask for that one.

Someone good at math should calculate how high the arrow went… it stays airborne for almost half a minute :)

Well worth reading.…ips_and_tricks/

The arrow starts falling back at about 648 meters high.

Well worth indeed, thanks !

Assuming the arrow physics in Skyrim have anything in common with real life physics. :)

Yes, I assumed that the acceleration equals to g=9,81 m/s[sup]2[/sup] and the old man to be killed is standing 10 meters away from the player. Also the trajectory is parabolic actually but it’s so narrow that I simplified it to form a triangle. So my calculations are also not so super-accurate anyway.