The First Renoise Workshop


I’m proud to announce that I’m organizing a Renoise workshop here in Montreal. It will be a double feature including a LSDJ workshop as well. It’s going to be a great way for people to get introduced to both LOFI and HIFI trackers… I’m taking care of the HIFI presentation while a friend of mine, XC3N, will present LSDJ.

For whom might be interested, the workshop will happen at Foulab, a really nice organization: ( on September 18th between 13:00 and 17:00, (there might be changes in the time.)

I’ll try to get pictures for you… this is usually my job to photograph events but… I’ll see what I can do… we need pictures of that, right?

We got a facebook event going on and we got some people attending already

Hope this brings more people to renoise!

edit: woot this is my 666th post!


In my iCal, I will try to show up. (Not presenting though, no time.)

Is it true that Taktik is flying in from Berlin, first class, to take feature requests from the crowd?

Renoise Workshop
September 18, 2010 at 1:00 PM.
Suite 33B, 999 du Collège
H4C 2S3
Metro Place St-Henri
Google map: link

Take pictures, I won’t be able to make it.

Great stuff JBL! Hope it goes well :)

Good initiative!!! Renoise will rule the world ohohoho (Mr Burns laugh)

cant ya broadcast it live?-(

probably not at this venue, although we can give it a shot.

If this ends up working well, though, we had other venues in mind for more elaborate workshops that allow easy streaming.

Bump, 9 days, Plogue and SAT[TransForm] in the house, hope it’s good.

Oh by the way Conner_Bw, thanks for sending emails to your contacts about this event.

This is going to be great… I gotta get myself a gameboy for the LSDJ formation as well!

Woah nice… I live in Montreal and will surely be attending!

one note though: the Facebook event description talks about a 2.6 presentation, inviting people to download the demo version on our site. It should be specified that the latest demo version available is not 2.6, expecially if you are going to show 2.6 features

This Saturday, bumparoni.

Bump your own beer.

Hope it goes well :)

I’d certainly attend something in the UK or maybe even end up with a good excuse to go on holiday to Europe :)

I take it as my supreme duty to admonish anyone who attends this event of the repercussions of ‘sharing’ or giving away a copy of their licensed version of renoise. Not only does it give a very hard slap in the cock for our hard-working team of developers, but you also run the risk of losing your license.
Have fun at the workshop.

Yeah I know… but since the were mostly beginners, I simply introduced them to Renoise, most of them had the demo of 2.5 so it’s a good start, I presented the GUI, the features… it was pretty sweet.

Don’t worry about this, no body shared licenses…

I was expecting about 20 peep for the dual program renoise + LSDJ but we got about 10… which was still pretty cool. We had a board range of attendant, visual artists, chiptune musicians, indie video game maker, guitarists… Hopefully renoise will help them do what they want. Even though only 10ish people attended the workshop, the place was full (there were an arduino workshop) and we had lots of fun.

Pictures will come shortly.

At the party (following the workshop), me and some friends had a jam… again, lots of fun.