The Future Is Here... Again

This is amazing.

I was already impressed by Nintendo’s offerring, but this is just ridiculous!

Is this friggin real?!

I read an article that indicated that it was millitary technology that Microsoft purchased. I’m pretty sure it uses infrared lasers to scan the room. At first I thought it was stereoscopic cameras, but that would take WAY too much processing power.

impressive technology but the more exotic the controller, the quicker it gets really boring (was my experience with the wii)
if i want to move my body i’ll go play outside :P

wish they would just go ahead and apply that to commercial audio/visual/other applications, my right arm has more muscle than my left (no, not from that)

Johnny Lee is working on the project too, his head tracking experiments with the wiimote was cool……n-project-natal

All this technology will make us feel we are inside the game at some point, we just need 3D goggles and Natal I guess. Exciting stuff.




In all seriousness, the errors were probably down to bad lighting or something, and this does look like interesting technology, but I am not impressed so far. The Milo boy thing looks sooo heavily scripted it’s not even funny. The chick on stage was jumping about quite a lot making broad movements, yet her on-screen avatar was hardly moving in comparison. The painting app looks fun if you want to splash huge, messy blobs of colour around, but can this technology actually perform with the kind of accuracy you’d need to do more than a child’s finger painting?

I was actually more interested in Sony’s motion controller for PS3. Sure, you have to hold a couple of actual objects in your hands, but it looked waaaaaay more accurate. They showed off some pretty cool tech demos which immediately showed an incredible degree of control, lightning fast response, no real tracking errors (nothing serious that I could see at a quick glance), etc. I totally don’t mind having to use a physical controller if it gives this level of accuracy and response. Natal, in comparison, just looks incredibly clumsy in my opinion.



I see this working with some games and the menu, really amazing.
But milo is just scary, I don’t think it’s a good thing you want to interface your problems with software.
Also, I wonder how they would solve the walking inside FPS.
Seems to me that the glowing dildo from Sony has more potential on that front.

EDIT: dblue beat me to it. The glowing, in that case, is a good thing. It will work when it’s dark.

Oh the XBOX one works in the dark as well.

So basically, the mocap isn’t nearly as advanced as they’d have you believe. There are certain instances in which it will detect your body out of place, and from the videos I’ve seen, there’s a noticeable amount of latency.

The thing about this though, is that it’s first generation technology. Just wait till they iron the kinks out and see where this leads us ;)

holy shit, the glowing dildo. that truly looks awesome.


read they (microshart) were showing this at the e3 conference this week.

This is a really interesting talk on the old that talks about evolution of gaming.
It has a short film in it by one of the talkers students, really well done.
It fuels my obsession with humanities imminent immersing itself in virtual reality.
It looks like microsoft are gonna rule the world.

Hey, they even threw a Chuck Norris reference into the Natal video.

I saw that video on the TED talk a while ago, and I found it really eloquent and haunting. Anyone who has ever felt addicted to games aught to watch it.

About that boy Milo… I prefer philosophizing about the internet with Seaman!…feature=related

:D he poops out of his head!

Just a pity Sony didn’t came up with this… at least the Ps3 supports Blue Ray discs…

Why a pity? Yes Natal is impressive, but wil it work for the gamer?
I can see much more aplications for the Wiimote and sony motion controller,
simply because it has some buttons and maybe a joystick to do things like walk or pull a trigger.
but maybe they have solutions I can’t come up with.
time will tell…

(I also made that mistake, but it’s Blu-ray, cheers)

Yes, it’s a pity we don’t focus more on the PS3, the most amazing console in existance produced by the most thoughtful electronics company ever.

Perhaps i should have said:
A pity Microsoft didn’t added Blu-Ray (spelled correctly this time :P) support on their disc-player…

Just to mention… my living-room is decorated with a Wii… simply because my GF needs the motion exercise.
But it looks like if i have to choose for upgrading it with several control-gadgets like a Wii-Fit board, i would have to spend more than just sell the whole console and trade it for an XBox 360 with a Natal upgrade.
Or i have to wait and see what Nintendo comes up with… Natal is an accessory for the existing 360, so let’s hope the Wii can be as easily expandable.