The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(splajn) #21

Thanks! Do you know if they are worth checking out?

(looza) #22

whats he thinking ?

(Ledger) #23

Been playing around with Manyguitar most of this evening. Was a bit over-expectant at first from what I had read about it and just going through the presets.

After giving it some more time and putting it into a song and can say it will definitely be my goto for guitar sounds as opposed to ST2 now.

It loads quicker, nice on the CPU very useable/ playable presets (bar my early impression). Sounds great to me (particularly in a mix).

If youve got the $45 and need guitar sounds Id say you can`t really go wrong with it. There are some sound samples in the linked thread to check out aswell which may help.

I have however had an issue with one of the guitar samples not loading properly but I will get onto the Manytone support on that, but at the mo it only affects one preset.


Edit: just to note manystation comes with more sounds for a similar price but with the wusik engine and not the custom amp sim. I chose Manyguitar for this reason. The differences are on the site plus some other views on KvR forum.

(Ledger) #24

Had to laugh at the reply you left there :)

(looza) #25

I mean, if this is a kosher thing he offers there then I would like to know the background of it, really. By selling his license he implies that he never, ever wants to use renoise again and I would like to know why … I mean, he wont possibly go for modplugtracker or something, right ?

or its really just some warez crap he is trying to pull there.

and after all its just pathetic, no one will buy renoise on the kvr-board for 20 pounds.

(Ledger) #26

Maybe not £20 but wouldn`t be surprised if someone offered 15, would be under half price then.

Seeing his further answer it seems he is happy with PRs which a lot of old trackers seem to be nowadays and if I was I would probably be using eXT as my main host.

Have to say I was a little surprised when I saw renoise being put up but the it is just the hardcore tracker in me :). Your dismay, with mine aswell made me chuckle ;)

(vV) #27

Vsampler is being offered for 99 euros instead of 149 during the WorldCup season.
This offer counts as long as Germany is still in the race.
(Germany plays again tonight, if they loose, the party is over)

(looza) #28

wont they make next round for sure ? I thought this game is only about place 1+2 in the group ?!

(vV) #29

I don’t know how good Ecuador is, but i picked up some lines from a sports caster that he was pretty surprised about spectacular ball-game shows from Ecuador in a few past matches, so Ecuador is tipped as the surprise party.
Germany is doing the match now.
So if they loose, be very quick with placing your order :P

(looza) #30

ha, they won. 8 bucks from betandwin for me. hehe.

(It-Alien) #31

Native Instruments celebrates 10 years of history by reducing prices on lots of products for a limited time; reductions up to 66%!

check out the offers

(jiku) #32

Yeah I just saw that. Pretty decent of them. :)

(Beatslaughter) #33

Wusik is running a new groupbuy for their Wusikstation VSTi.

The Ultimate Wusikstation VSTi Group-Buy !

For current number of users and price, visit:

We present you the Ultimate Wusikstation VSTi Group-Buy Promo. You can save up to 50% and also get extra sounds.

The Group-Buy closes on December 31st, 2006. So begin contacting friends, family, clubs, now for a great Christmas possibility.

The initial GB Price is also the minimum price. So if we reach over 100 users, you pay nothing extra, and we start sending the product Download URL / DVD right away.

What’s included: Wusikstation V3 VSTi (Windows) + The Two Gig Collection (over 4 Gb Uncompressed) of sounds - This includes the latest Disk-Streaming code and future V3 updates.

If we reach over 150 users, we will also include an extra set of sounds in your order. (download only) Going over 200 users, we will also add on top of that, 6 months of our Monthly Wusik Sound Magazine Free.

If we don’t reach the max number of users, you will receive a new link for payment of the difference by the end of the GB. We will not refund any orders if we don’t max the GB.

Please, be sure to test the LITE demo version, as we will not refund orders if the product doesn’t work with your machine. Check the specs list bellow.

Also, you will only receive a Download Link or DVD once we reach out the max number of users, or when the GB expires. Keep in mind that our previous GB together reached way over this number of users in a period of 2 months. So its very likely that we will reach over 100 users pretty fast. If you don’t like to wait, you can always purchase the full-priced version and receive the links right away.

Number of Users / Price USD

1-24 / $ 89.95
25-50 / $ 79.95
51-75 / $ 69.95
76-99 / $ 59.95
100 > $ 49.95
150 > Extra set of Sounds
200 > 6 WSM Months Free

Option of Downloadable or DVD (extra $ 14.95)

Best Regards, WilliamK

(Beatslaughter) #34

Tone2 is running a groupbuy for their excellent synth Firbird:

(Unempty) #35

There’s a Fabfilter bundles group buy going on at the Logic User Group forums. Up to 50% off, and at 35% right now with a week+ to go.

Check it out here:

They’re all pretty sweet VSTs.

(It-Alien) #36

EastWest is making some huge discounts on its products (33%-50%) until december 31st 2006.

They are known for astonishingly huge (and costy) libraries, such as Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Colossus and Symphonic Choir (which allows you to literally build your own choir, by entering phonems, notes, duration, envelopes…!!).

Even with the discount they are still quite costy, but a collaborative buying with your friends may help. Of course, I’m not giving any advice about this kind of illegal practice :)

(Beatslaughter) #37

Here is also a free demo disc of EastWest stuff, quite huge though.…c-pr-EW-D2.html

(Beatslaughter) #38

Image Line is having a sale on various items for a short time.


I got myself Directwave from Arguru a few hours ago. :)

(Ledger) #40

A lot of xmas sales on at the moment, some more: