The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(Ledger) #41

Sampletekk 50% off everything reached:

Sampled piano`s and some others for download. Accepts Paypal.

Finishes February 3rd

(It-Alien) #42

excellent piano VST plugin Pianoteq group buy:

start: january 19th
end: february 11th

normal price: 249¤
offer price: 179¤

the group is limited to 100 participants

the buyers will be also elegible for a free update when the new improved version currently in development will be released

(Ledger) #43

$20 total reached.

GB for reverb IRs to use in a convolution plug:

(splajn) #44

Wusik station has a group buy.

I bought wusik station nr 1 a long time ago and I though it was really nice so I recommend you to check this out!

(It-Alien) #45

East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Silver, Gold and Platinum 50% off!!

Nati Instruments is also giving some interesting rebates

(Weird Energy) #46

I noticed today that sells right now great Alesis Prolinear series monitors 720 and 820 at really low prices. Only 200 £ for pair of 720 and 250 £ for pair of 820. I have heard them in aciton and can say that this price is really really a bargin. They sound awesome!!

So this is for all of you guys who like to ask a recommendation for good monitors at low price…

If i didnt already have monitors i would definately get myself a set of 820 (allthough 720 are really good too)

(It-Alien) #47

to Native Instruments customers:

NI is offering 50% discount on lot of upgrades, it could be a good time to upgrade Kontakt 2 to Kontakt 3, as it costs 64€ until December 31st.

129€ is really too much for such a “fake” +1.0 step ahead, but 64€ is fair enough.

more info here

(satobox) #48

Another one:
“D16’s Classic Boxes Collection”

If you want electric drum machine(s), it is worth considering.

It will end on 10.12.2008.
I already sent my 682yen for deposit. ^_^

(It-Alien) #49

this is an interesting offer:
BigFish Audio offers a 100$ discount for its new bass sample library if you are owner of a competitor’s bass plugin :)

(Beatslaughter) #50

Pretty incredible deal only this weekend. You can buy FabFilter Twin, Volcano and Timeless together for 99 USD. Registration works for the PC versions too according to KVR. I’m very tempted to buy them myself. :)

(Beatslaughter) #51

Just to confirm for anyone interested. Bought the pack and it activated fine on Windows.

(Beatslaughter) #52

You can get Applied Acoustics Systems Ultra Analog VA-1 for 15 USD at Usually it’s priced around 200 USD. Even though it says “serial protection” at their site it’s actually a “challenge / response” code.…eal-P12692.aspx

More info and a demo can be found here:

(Ledger) #53

Just ordered this yesterday and awaiting the serial (can take up to 4 days apparently). Great deal even if CR protected…

(Solyon) #54

“Ultra Analog is about capturing the unique warmth and feel of analog circuitry”
“the best alias free oscillators of the industry”
“The superb preset library created by the best professional sound designers represents a sensational journey through all the colors of the analog spectrum”

what is the english words for “de la pure branlette” ?

Handjob in the finest art

(Beatslaughter) #55

Typical marketing blurp and who knows, this thing is quite aged meanwhile and it might’ve been partly true, when it came out. ;)

I have no need for another VA personally so i’m skipping this offer, even if it’s that cheap.

(Solyon) #56

But Audio demos are ok ^_^

(grymmjack) #57

Hi renoisers :)

The first release from soundgasm is for ReFX Vanguard and titled SECTOR7 is now available!

Covering a wide gamut of styles and genres including ambient, psy-trance, techno, acid, and house SECTOR7 delivers unique food for your favorite reFX beastie.

The bank costs $10. Payment through paypal. If you need to pay in another way let me know and maybe we can work something out. If you cant afford the bank but have some talent making music create a demo song using the Try Me version and if it’s good you can get the bank for free as long as I can use it on the site when it’s done being built.

Try Me version of the bank (16 patches)
PDF Manual with patch list

Demo track 1 (virb)
Demo track 1 (MP3 12.5MB)
Demo track 2 (MP3 8.7MB)
Demo track 3 (MP3 15.6MB)

Thanks in advance for your patronage.

(Beatslaughter) #58

Camel Audio started a group buy today on their whole product line, which is running until Monday the 16th November. Started a few hours ago and already at 20% from a doable 50% if enough people join.

More info here:

(Beatslaughter) #59

You can get the TC Electronics M30 Reverb plgin for free (79 USD value) until 18th november by just signing up to their newsletter.

(cytone) #60

There’s a few days left for the current Wusik Station group buy.

What’s Included:

  1. Wusik Station V5 + V6 Beta (Windows Only) (includes the full official V6 once its released, plus the new The Sound Bank set of sounds)
  2. Wusik EVE V2 (Win/Mac compatible) (Mellotronix and Genesis sets included)
  3. Wusik Fuse Box Pre Order
  4. Wusik Membership for 6 Months with Unlimited Credits to download extra sounds (valid for 6 months)
    With this, you also get free Wusik Sound Magazine PDF files, your own Wusik Label account, and other extras. Check the product page for more information.

Bonus for going over 100 users:

  1. Free Mistral copy from ArtVera (
    Mistral offers the best collection of ethnic sounds - String Instruments, Drums/Percussion, Woodwinds, Vocals and more. With over 380 presets and 300 megabytes of sample data it’s a great inspiration for musicians who create nearly any kind of music, especially for composers of Film, Ethnical, NewAge, Ambient music.
  2. Free Enigma Engine V2
  3. A very special deal on PRIZM. Visit the following link for more information: 578#3896578
  4. Free Autodafe sounds: Mega Pads, Mega Bass and Grand Piano

Bonus for going over 150 users:

  1. Extra SoundBank yet to be defined - this will be available to ALL current Wusik Station V5 Users + Wusik Members.

This Group-Buy Ends on: January 2nd 2010

Discount List: ( Full / Upgrade - prices in USD)

Level 1 - 0 ~ 25 Users = $ 99.95 / 79.95
Level 2 - 26 ~ 50 Users = $ 89.95 / 69.95
Level 3 - 51 ~ 75 Users = $ 79.95 / 59.95
Level 4 - 76 ~ 100 Users = $ 69.95 / 49.95
Level 5 - Over 100 Users = $ 59.95 / 39.95