The 'i' In Idm

the title is self-explanatory.
the self-claimed ‘intelligent’ makes me angry.
does chomsky say “I write in the genre of intelligent writing”?
feel like people should say something different… anything else would make me more ok with the genre.

wtf is idm?

Infantile Dance Music?

Ive never heard anyone say they liked the term. People who were into the electronic music that wasnt made to pump out of the boots of cars or to be danced to … (not being dismissive of either just not my thing) used to laugh the hardest at names like “intelligent” house or “intelligent” drum and bass and so on.
Thats what i found in the uk at least. “IDM” and “electronica” just dont mean much to me.

I refer to it as incoherent death metal


really, whats in a name?


I always thought it meant Industrial Dance Mucic

Impotent Dirty Man

I really hate the vanity of composers who autoproclamate intelligent!
I m really in the SDM to follow my “religion” More stupid you are, more you are happy!


you hit what i wanted to say right on target!

Warp used to call it electronic listening music or “Elm” circa the artificial intelligence records.
Good music and a great tree :)

IDM is just a media label for the genre… the people who started it state they prefer braindance but the media moguls stick with IDM because it’s shorter/easier to type/more pretentious/whatever. The fact is, the name probably wasn’t even dropped by the artists themselves before the media started using it. It was probably started by a fan that told some electronic-music-ignorant reporter “It’s like… dance music… only… intelligent!!!”

to me kaneel? I dont care deeply but i do find names interesting.
I was just dicking about and pointing out another of the many silly and slightly pretentious names this genre has been tagged with.
And making a crap joke… dont know why i bothered…

Wasn’t it Richard James who called his own music “intelligent dance music” (and with good reason) and then came the horrific legions of copycats…

RDJ was the first to knock the title down

interesting drug music

Ink-Drawn Melodies

I find LOLCORE to be a good genre name. But what other stupid labels are there? Endzeit strikes me as utterly stupid.

the stupidest label has to be ‘pop’ music - it’s not popular music it’s lowest common denominator music - lcd.

just because 10,000 people are dumb enough to buy music because of some adverts and tv like the x factor does’nt mean that everyone is into it.

I’m soooo using that :)

in what respect?

pop is where people are paid for music…
how many renoisers get paid for theirs??
maybe they know something we do not ?