The Indie Games Thread

  1. Cave Story

absolute platforming perfection. this game is so well crafted and pretty damn difficult. if you’re a fan of platforming and have not played this game, get excited, you have a few real great days coming.

  1. Knytt Stories & Within a Deep Forest

beautifully atmospheric art and music. niffla’s games are so enjoyable. both knytt stories and within a deep forest have a similar engine, but play as unique games. i strongly recommend these titles for anyone who liked ico, or really anyone who wants to play a perfect puzzle-esque platformer. it’s on par with cave story, without weapons.

  1. World of Goo

of course. great, entertaining, and challenging. wonderful art! it’s become quite a popular title lately.

Gish by Cryptic Sea. a video. Gish 2 will probably be out next year.
Darwinia by Introversion. There’s multiplayer version, Multiwinia.
Braid on xbox arcade, also on PC now.
Elastomania. old-school motorbike game.

not quite indie,but for people who like RPGs heres the BEST free RPG game

NOT for children

My favorite indie of all time is Dwarf Fortress, which is a roguelike city building game.

I feel like playing Dwarf Fortress made it possible for me to understand Renoise, they use the same part of my brain.

I’ve been enjoying Gridrunner Revolution

Loved Cave Story and Knytt Stories. Played World of Goo once on a friend’s Wii, but I didn’t find it too fun.

Another one is The Underside. The dialogue in that game is extremely hilarious.

great thread, i’ll be checking out all these games and adding some…

I’ve been playing Penumbra now for a while. The first part was great and the second one, the one I’m playing now, is good too but the enemies are a bit ridiculous in this one, like naked black metal Gollums. Otherwise it’s a great game, not free though.

So anyone here up for making their own game using the free downloadable unreal engine?


I’m quite a fan of indie shooters.

Tumiki Fighters:
Harsh but compelling hectic japanese shmup in which you collect fallen enemies and stick them onto your own ship gaining extra firepower. I got seriously into this a couple of years ago, managed to get 2 million-odd points. It doesn’t look that amazing and can be cruel at times but once you manage to reach that tipping point where you are more powerful than any of the enemies it’s immensely satisfying.

Warning Forever:
More japanese bullet hell, this one is absolutely fantastic. It’s basically an endless stream of boss fights, but each time a new boss appears it will have evolved slightly based on how you attacked it last time.
The obsessive-compulsive inside me got seriously hooked, because it’s possible to defeat the boss in a certain way to control how it grows. There are only a certain number of main boss ‘forms’, and I just had to collect them all, like fucking pokemon or something. I spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to grow the ‘ISE-ONE’.

I’m a fan of these guys:

Their game FEZ is coming soon.


OMG! Cave Story is reaally awesome! Great music (tho’ all the pieces are way to short) en lovely enemies and characters.

FEZ looks incredible, I’m definatly going to check that one out.

Might already be wide known, but has been my favourite site for Indie Flash Games since i was lickle.

(also great for uploading your music ^^ my newgrounds)

Tumuki Fighters is so awesome.

If any mac folks are interested, here is the mac port, along with many other free homemade shmups.…hoot/index.html

i always wanted to play the games by cactus, but i no mac versions, maybe PC folk will like them, they seem like sort’ve video game breakcore.

Hey datasette! Nice choices. +1 for Warning Forever for sure. Incredibly addictive. :)

I’ll add another shooter…

Blue wish resurrection…surrection.html

Similar in style, feel, and quality to Cave games, which is a great feat for a single doujin developer.

Not really an Indie developer company, but one of the fun worms-like free games you can play:

Edit: They also have a few other MMO games… (+ special treat for windows users)

Nice little adventure released today…:

Ooh… I played this on Vic20 like a mad cow