The Ipad (I Shit You Not)

yeah, steve’s show is still going on i think, i followed it “live” here:

i’m not a crazy apple fan boy, but parts of this iPad concept is really interesting i think…
though, i doubt it’s a productivity booster regarding working with renoise.
i gotta feel those buttons on my keyboard clicking to feel i’m tracking, you know :lol:

… but i gotta say, this Applemania is really starting to creep me out. seriously.
i like some of their stuff, but the hysteria has just gone too far imo, so i have a complicated love/hate relationship with this whole business

To me, it simply looks like a big edition of the iPhone… :s

And I’ve got some more questions: who is going to carry this around, how is he/she going to carry it around? People who take the train/airplane/bus perhaps, but that’s where it stops, isn’t? I’m not going to sit around at house with such a thing, I’m not going to take it to school and I can’t see people taking it to their work either… :s

guess what? It does not have a digital camera, a webcam, the GPS and the phone. so, guess what are going to be the additions of the next versions…

in the meantime, you can still run to buy the first version!

maybe it’s a coffee table tablet? <_<

A cutting board with built-in screen so you can “apple” even while chopping up your veggies.


I heard somewhere that it won’t support flash… eh… ok… <_<

wow, an 'i pod ’ for people with really big fingers

I normally really like Apple’s products, but they really let me down with this one. The only thing new about it is the eBook thing, which may be practical. But really, saying they’re gonna revolutionize and then magnify the iPod touch? Bwlah…

The one feature that makes this a “do want” for me, aside from the resolution and the increased CPU juice (over the ipod touch) is the 3G support. This thing’s essentially a hugely beefed up kindle on steroids and acid.

That said, I do think they dropped the ball on a few things… mainly: lack of camera, the small storage size, and the fact that it’s using the iPhone OS, which is still gimped in regards to lack of flash.

If they fix the iPhone OS though, the 64gb model would be kickass to own.

@Denim: Haha. :P

@Robbie S: the iPhone has no flash support too…coincidence?

@Rubbahdawg: eReaders are nothing new…at all. oO

Peter Kirn wrote a fantastic crit:


No flash support.
No multitasking (because of the 1ghz cpu)
9.7" screen and the keyboard takes 5/6th of it when you are typing BUT it comes with keyboard dock…

Looks like an overpriced cripped netbook to me… and Steve Jobs claims he doesn’t like the netbooks. The iPad is lame, it’s a crippled netbook! Smaller screen, weaker CPU, less ram, less hdd space and it doesn’t even support a real OS. The Dell Mini 10 fully supports OS X, sells for 280$ and comes with free keyboard!

The only reason to buy this device rather than a smaller (easier to carry) and cheaper ipod touch is to use it as an alternative to the lemur with TouchOSC… something the ipod touch does quite well alredy.

500$ for a lemur is good… that’s about the only good use for this device… I’d buy a netbook and mod it with touchscreen instead of buying this crap.

Now we see what Apple really wants: Make money with their image. They have the image of that design high tech company that makes expensive toys for professionals… This image makes a lot of people envy the products Apple make, they literally lust for them. Knowing this, Apple made a completely useless device and they create a need for it by claiming that netbooks and laptop don’t do the job while they obviously do.

Apple could have made the same device for their professional market by supplying OS X rather then the “consumer OS” aka iphone OS, Adding more power to the machine so you can actually use it for something other than browse the web/email/games/reading/listening to music/video… simple tasks that each one of us already do with the devices we own.

I was expecting a device that fully integrates with apple computers, some kind of much needed tool for those graphic designers who uses mac computers since 1980-90… but no… apple is now a mainstream consumer market oriented company… I’d like it if someone else took the pro-gear market because they fail.

But the chances of that happening are pretty slim. See the cdm-post someone mentioned earlier.

I essentially would have no use for this, but I must admit, an app designed as an LCARS or even better a Tron world style interface for Open Sound Control could sell me on it.

But I ran across this beauty while looking for a lemur-alternative:

600 Euros, but it’s a real PC (means you can actually install software) and it has multitouch.

a big difference with iPhone is that you cannot go outside home and show it to your non-Apple friend to let them die by envy as easily as you do with iPhone, because this thing is bigger. It is a key difference which may even turn this project into a fail

I know that, but who’d want to read a book on a computer or iPhone/iPod Touch? The iPad kinda opens up further for ereading with its size and tablet format.

I maybe expressed myself in a wrong way, it’s nothing new or revolutionizing. But the only thing I’d use it for is reading comic-pdfs. :)

Is that a rebadged Clevo or have Acer just copied the design? Quite fancied something along these lines for a while (but waiting for them to get a little ore powerful.)

Never actually even worked out who was selling them as what and for how much though.

After contemplating for a while, I honestly feel this rig kicks the SHIT out of the iPad:

… which is precisely why I’m not going to get an iPad