The Khin & Henriette - Thinking

Well, we’ve been together for almost half a year now, you know her, you dig her, it’s Henriette. Hehe… We started this several months ago and finally now got to finish it.

listening to it now and there’s something seriously wrong with the mix, like the tune is in a box or something… Really annoying, any ideas on what’s wrong?


Changed the mix slightly, re-worked the vocals, the lead, some fx here and there and a breakdown towards the end.


Re-recorded vocals as Henriette wasn’t happy. Hehe, download again those who want, we’re very satisfied now. :)

Nice progression throughout the track. It gets better and better as it moves along. I’m playing it for my girl right now and she really likes the track alot. She said she wants more! Personally, I think you may be listening to the mix a little too much. Over here it sounds awesome. Far from being in a box, trust me. It’s got a nice wide sterio field, and a good open mix. Everything is in the right places. It sounds really good. I’m not really into music that has female vocals, but your girl has a very soothing voice that is very comfortable. Haha, now my girl wants me to download all the tracks with her on it that are on here. Are you guys collecting these? You have like four or five songs by now I’m sure. You could put a release for DL on here.

wicked electronics
great harmonies
great bass

not sure what to do about the micts… it sounded GREAT on headphones but then when i put it through the monitors i can see what you mean about “in a box”

really great song! i’d easily expect to hear this on a chillout compilation or something :D

Are my ears going awry or something? :(

Sounds great in my headphones too. A bit early to put it on the monitors. ;)

Wow Sagosen, this is really good!

Really nice harmonies with Henriettes voice, she’s got a beautiful voice

Listening to this on a laptop, and it sounds great, bet it’ll sound amazing on a big stereo :)

Great work!

Seriously, I’m SO glad you guys like this, it’s taken ages to finish, it felt wrong all the way, until now. Now I’m truly satisfied. :)

Updated the file according to my needs, hope you like it even better now that it’s changed!

Oh, and Louis, I’ll fix Henriette’s signature so that all her co-ops are linked, how’s about that? :)

Sounds good to me, and it’ll def make my girl happy!


I were’nt happy with the song, so I made a new vokal. I hope this one sounds better. And give my thanks to your girlfriend, Louis :D

We decided against adding the songs to her signature, but here are links to all relevant material:

the Summertime with foo (unfinished
trepains dark breathe-interpentation
kcirr3d’s breathe-interpentation
Marc Shake’s (yet to be finished) breathe in demo-mode
Her and Trepain’s “I See”
My chiptune-like remix of previous track
Sonus & Henriette - A New Vision
AlexStrain with Henriette - Ava

And, to be honest, I just picked these up by searching for “Henriette” from the past 365 days in the forum. :rolleyes:


Damned, since yesterday I know that I still have to finish my version of breathe :) But at the moment, work is too much stress and it kills creativity.

I know all about that… If I wasn’t in zen-mode at the moment I wouldn’t be able to do this track at all. Meaning; I don’t really have much stress going on at the moment! :D

Hope you have time to do it, Marc. The version you’re doing is really something! The others are too, don’t get me wrong, but yours bring a calm, a sadness and melodic beauty to the vocals while the others bring fear, agression and anger.

In other words, three really great interpentations! :D

But back to me. As this is my song-thread, hehe…
Anybody care to review me on CTG? I’d love that!

FYI This is the correct link to Ava

Currently downloading and listening to it. Review on CTG follows after that :)

The Khin goes disco!!!

Of course, I’m a big fan of the synths, how they mount up toward the end, very nice. H’s singing sounds right here on my monitors at work… Very nice the HP background chorus vocals… Haha laughing end…

A few things Foo? would have done:

I’d LP the wet on the verb, keep it well below 4k (use a seperate moog filter), sheeny verb is very hard to pull off so I tend to keep clear of it unless I’m using natural acoustics or convolution.

Maybe a touch of glitch in the drums during fills, just little daubs.

Maybe get some light dub delay on the vox for the end bit.

But the tune holds it own quite well, so no biggie :D

Thanx a heap for comments, people. :)

Foo?: Think I’ll just leave the track as it is now, I’m thinking (mind the pun) about doing an extended edit of it, but just thinking. Don’t really have time…

alexstrain: Link fixed :rolleyes:

I’m really sorry I haven’t answered your last mail btw, got myself lost musically, didn’t have anything to contribute (until recently when I finished this tune) and just… Let the mail fade away. Sorry again!

ME likee

I don’t think the link to kccir3d’s song is working anymore…?

Hm, I copied it from the link he had on ctg, maybe it’s just down at the moment.

sagosen, are you ever coming back to the sdcompo??? pretty pretty please :D