The Metal Thread


A thread dedicated to the greatest form of music - metal!

Haiduk kicks it off. Let’s hear the darkness!

(The Empty Self) #2

i like a thread like this !!

this is an all time fav of mine

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Good idea!

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Haiduk was pretty dope.

(The Empty Self) #6

i used to listen lot of my dying bride specially the first albums

(TheBellows) #7

MDB had a lot more darkness and genuine sound back then, a shame they evolved into a boring emo band. Trinity and As The Flower Withers are really great albums.

More metal i have a thing for:

This song is perfect in my opinion, it can be hard to hear the actual lyrics, so here they are:
The threads of global fabric are untied
The role of the western free world is in decline
Still free to consume, free to breathe
Free to exist, free to dream, your life of dreams

Keep on rotting, keep on hoping, keep on dreaming
One day maybe, keep on rotting, keep on hoping
Whilst in the real world you…

Consumer or consumed, your life is cheap
Economic salvation in sweatshops returned from the east
Despair the only quality of strife
A reason for existence if you can afford the price,
If your price is right

Keep on rotting, keep on hoping, keep on dreaming
One day maybe, keep on rotting, keep on hoping
Whilst in the real world you…


Been sometime since I listened to much metal. Apart from my youth being into stuff like Sepultura, Slayer etc. later I got into a lot of black metal and more darker stuff. Some faves…


Some great links here. Definitely my kind of metal!

(random) #10

@haiduk are you Luka Milojica?
Listened to Exomancer today at work, yes very good !!

also a nice album:

(The Empty Self) #11

emperor its one of my long time black metal favorites

(The Empty Self) #12

this dudes are pretty good as well doom influences with black metal and folk etc really cool

(random) #13

I grew up with metal similar to ABįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ
When Techno hit in the nineties here, that, any other music was done for many years
I just recently became aware of Black Metal about Doom Metal (easy listening, its monoton)


The Puritan

Ocean Chief

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Not enough love for Prog/Tech Death in this thread, let’s fix that:


nothing beats this classic :wink:


and for some pagan…

(The Empty Self) #17

thats some nice doom selection !!!

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i like some death metal bands but doom and black metal are more my thing also sludge and post metal post rock
\post everything haha


Some post black metal shoegaze [what a title huh? I think it’s just called blackgaze now? genres uggh]…

(The Empty Self) #20

i always like to bring up Fantomas …this is a delight in terms of tone and odd song structures but also very easy to listen which is rare for an avant garde project !! Mike Patton its truly talented producer and composer