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Pattons best imo :slight_smile:

(The Empty Self) #22

i listen a lot to the artist of his label

Ipecap recordings …some cool stuff there …ive never truly listen to a lot of Mr bungle .i need to check it


start with this album :wink: :


Another classic…

(gimmeapill) #25

I saw Conan live about two years ago in a small pub and they were really killing it.
One of the heaviest stuff I ever saw live, quite reminiscent of Godflesh/Techno Animal.
some snippet:

And some additions to the Doom chapter:

Belzebong - pure psychedelics from Poland

Goatsnake - more like redneck / trailer park doom

(random) #26

saw conan too, they played at a festival in a small hall during brant bjork (chilled desert rock) as main act in the big hall
when the brant björk concert was over, the visitors had to walk through the small hall where conan was still playing.
The facial expression of the brant björk fans was from there more entertaining than conan :rofl:

@ABįSƧȔš ṼØȊÐƎ. great doom albums!!

ufomammut (all time fav album + a great live band too)


Yes, Haiduk is my own work. Thank you for checking it out.

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one man bands (your guitar skills protrude) are admirable!

paysage d’hiver
also do everything alone and good


Didn’t mind some of the later Mayhem, got to see them much later and Atilla delivers a commanding live performance yet I still prefer Dead on vocals.


Paysage D’hiver \m/
Have you heard his other band (not one man) Darkspace?


Checking now. melodically very strong stuff.
Ps Nice axe. Being a lefty, mine is customized as I couldn’t get a left handed one…


Still classic…

(lilith) #34


Very nice. Cool that it’s a left-handed one. Looks similar to another warlock I have (nj series).


Yeah originally right handed, frets redone, jack moved changed action etc. So good to play.

(random) #37

not really, which album would you recommend?

Hateforest - Battlefields

(lilith) #38


(Achenar) #40

Illuminate Eliminate is definitely my favourite from that album.

Here’s one from an under-appreciated band: