The New Gui

Power and features in a tracker are important, but ultimately I care most about usability and interface. I really like the 1.28 intercace, but haven’t registered yet - and haven’t gotten to use the new.

From what I’ve seen, I really dislike the look of the new version but a part of that could just be reluctance to change. Overall, are people pleased with the changes?

Yes, it’s much better imo. I really think the new design is much better. But that is not the major change. Instead it lies in all the smaller improvements that just makes it more easy to use. To name a few of my favourites:

  • Drag n drop… useful in some cases like for instruments and tracks. Shift + drag makes a copy instead… very useful.
  • Capture nearest instrument and auto-capture. You never have to search for the right instruments when switching between tracks.
  • Ability to enter all sliders values with keyboard.
  • LFOs and sendtrack devices are updated when you move sendtracks & DPSs
  • Follow automation… automation and effects always have the value of the last change when you move around in the song or start playing somewhere in the middle.
  • Continous view of all patterns
  • Textfields can be edited much more easily
  • Master and sendtracks shown in the scopes

These are just a few things which I like the most. There’s quite a list here.

IMO the new interface rox, kix ass etc. I simply love it.

And it looks GREAT IMO.

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What’s IMO?

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It’s much better alternative In My Opinion.

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In my opinion B)

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No I did not! That’s really a bit :blink:

But back to the topic, this is really going off-track. I’m happy with the new gui.

amen! the old interface is stone age compared to the new one…

I think the new interface will make renoise more professional and easier to use.

did someone mention that the use of multiple screens doesn’t work with the new GUI ? that’s pretty annoying :(

That’s true, although I don’t use it myself.

To bring up a couple of other things I don’t like (keeping in mind v1.5 is still an alpha and things might change):

  • Context menus are in some places too large with too many items and thus makes it hard to find the functions you’re looking for.
  • Drag n drop of pattern selections are in many cases a hassle as you (at least I) do this by accident. Still hoping for an option to ctrl+drag them or similar.

Yes, I find myself doing this too. Mostly when I go to select an area of track where I already have a selection and I end up grabbing it and then holding it in mid-air wondering where to put it or cancel it.

On another note, I love the drag and drop functionality of the DSP effect area now. Being able to pick up an effect and then drop it in another part of the chain. Brilliant.

I think the new GUI is really really great. It just lacks a bit of maturity, but we’re still in alpha, don’t forget it. I personnally just miss some options that should be here/have been here, especially in the Pattern Sequencer.

The drag’n’drop and pattern sequencer are great, but I still prefer the ones from Modplug Tracker, more Windows friendly, and finally, more user friendly.

I’m fine with the GUI. The only thing I miss now is a Linux version :D

Oh man… a linux version, now you’re talking :D

I was just worried about the gui looking so much ‘bubblier’. I hate the trend that so much modern audio software has taken to, with trying to make all the software visually emulate physical gear. Every pixel wasted on a big bevely border could have been used for more pattern room!

Coming straight out of Impulse Tracker - I’m not too concerned about the drag-and-drop behavior. Since whatever it is - is what I’lll be using for the first time - it’ll be hard to notice any problems in it. Although come to think of it, buzz had drag-and-drop… but finding a bug in buzz is not hard…

I do definately hope they get the multi-monitor support figured out. (And better row highlighting!!)

Since everyone seems happy with the gui change; I’ll definately be shelling out that $45 next week. It’s so great watching my friends spend hundreds and hundreds and thousands on gear, and all I need is some $45 software! :yeah:

Just to add, I feel that there is MORE space now than there was before. The two icons at the top right allow you turn off areas at the top and bottom which gives you tons of tracking space.