The New Pattern Sequencer Design.

Here are the sequencers from 2.8 and 2.7.2.

  1. I don’t get it why there are those additional numbers.
  2. I know we got collapsible groups now to save our screen space but still… I see wasted space here.
  3. The left side of the box around number 30 has no space between itself and the thick border. In 2.7 it looks more consistent.

The -/+ buttons are great, but look a bit out of symmetry.
I also like the new Section Header’s feature. Only thing I find annoying is the delete button covering up the text.

So instead of this:

I’d prefer this:

Another thought - maybe we should join the looping range button with the pattern play buttons:

good observation, +1

something i noticed: when you make multiple rows of the same number, and you select one of those, it will highlight all the others as well. nice little addition.
this is also the reason for the extra line of numbers: it is simply a row-count.

(1) It’s a very cool thing called scheduling. While playing your track you click on a pattern number, on the left, nothing seems to happen at first, but after the end of the actual pattern playback, the song position will automatically move to the number of the pattern whatever it is. This kind of click is usefull to people that need renoise for “live” things. I suppose that this kind of feature will help LUA coders and script makers to build easily live performance tools, things like that.
(2) it’s a question of screen size when you’ve got a huge wide screen it doesn’t look as if it was a waiste of space.
(3) it’s a question of taste & probably a question of screen size too.

I easily get rid of the annoying button next to the label by dragging the vertical separator on the right side, what indeed requires : a wide screen :lol: !

Additional numbers are a compromise made by alpha testers who wanted to get rid of repeating patterns vs. those that did not. Like, fist fighting comprises. There were as few PM redesigns proposed in the last few months and this is the best one. Trust me. ;) Basically, the numbers are there to avoid “ordering” confusion in combination with the new alias system, and a few other things that gently encourage no repeating patterns.

X on the left side is not so enjoyable for those using the live queuing feature; accidentally deleting stuff in a dark room during a set.

well handled imo

Are you serious? Scheduling patterns has been in there since 2.1 and you’re telling me about it like I was a total newbie. A cool feature indeed but not what I was talking about. The numbers in there are new. Better tell me about those, smartass.

If I have 60 track per song then do you think I feel like making the comments much wider? Oh yeah, I should buy a wide LCD screen like the rich and arrogant people do LOL. But seriously… two words: F U.

Or are you really trying to troll me here? Anyway you pissed me off badly.

That explains it. Though I would like it to have an option in the pref’s to show only the play button instead of the numbers. I have all my patterns anyway numbered continuously.

I also thought about that.

Oh really? I see two continuous 4 in the first screenshot… :)

Anyway, this specific area of screen real estate turns into boiling blood and big fights. If you want proof see post #7. :)

I’m all smileys, I was pro repeating patterns, and I’d rather not see this changed anymore than we have to. I know this is new to beta testers, and feedback is welcome, but you really have to trust me that this road leads nowhere fast. :)

Good times.

That wasn’t my song ;)

I suppose that using numbers makes scheduling a little bit easier, it should be “improved” with the help of numbers, instead of a “playback” symbol. No need to be smart to understand it. Since number are not anyway clear enough the dev team added new labels on the left side.

Hey eeter I didn’t talked about you nor laugh at you, I even don’t know you.

I simply talked about something nearly absurd, that you noticed yourself : that the new pattern matrix sections labels still need too much horizontal text space to be displayed correctly… I find this absurd annoyance somehow funny, leading users to use the wide screen strategy (what wasn’t the goal of the 2.8 GUI improvements at all). I remember that the initial collapsible group idea started from a video of m0d that proudly showed his 3 widescreens on his desktop what was the only way for him to work decently on complex and rich orchestrations with renoise. It’s just a detached style of humor. I’m sorry if you believed in something personal. I’m one of those guys that laugh when they encounter absurdities. On this point, today, we simply do not share the same human reactions in front of renoise oddities, no need to see trolls in all this.

Only your last idea can get a +1 from me:

i think that’s a good idea.

furthermore, I would love a switch to swap click and shift click behaviours in the queueing sequence-number-buttons.

was thinking about this again, but isn’t the delete button used for removing a Section Header? if you remove the delete button, how would you remove a Section Header?

i do find the delete button a bit big/ugly for my tastes. i’d rather see it like a small x or something, dunno… maybe a GUI designer can shine some light on this.

Actually, it was lain who initially made the suggestion in 2009, but m0d really made a good case with that video 1½ year later. And yes, the new single-track mode (auto-collapse?) makes a lot of sense in such a scenario.

Well, did you try? Holding shift will allow you to schedule any number of patterns

As for improving the pattern-sequence, we really should add tool-tips to the pattern-loop squares and everywhere it makes sense to do so. Some parts of the Renoise interface are assumed as common knowledge, but a bunch of squares is just a bunch of squares until you understand their purpose…

its there just on the left side where the pattern numbers are … on the second picture…

That’s all the problem. I like the help of the header section especially during my schedules. But when I’m working on my laptop, the quest for a single pixel of workspace becomes an obsession. Neither do I don’t like this (x) delete button, it’s just… odd / strange like that.

The only way to keep the delete header functionnality but without displaying the (x) button, is to display this button only if for example the mouse rollovers on the label, and when a “Ctrl” key is pressed. That’s just an idea.

Or simpler : deleting 100% of the text of the header label, and hitting the “enter” key on the keyboard would automatically remove the header itself.

What do you think about it ?

^ don’t like the modifier-key, do like the mouse-over idea. i also like the ‘empty+ENTER’-idea, but it might be a bit more obscure to new users. so i don’t know how user-friendly that last suggestion is.

Hahaa :D I just learned that if you totally hide the comments sidebar the Section Header moves to the right side of the bar where the Pattern Matrix is. That’s actually just perfect. Won’t use that sidebar much anymore. :)

And also it’s nice to see that they have fixed the 3rd point from first post.

I too do not like the delete button. Perhaps the easiest (and most intuitive) way of removing the button without removing the delete functionality is to have the section disappear when the user delete the section title and then press enter.

Just my two cents


(With my cents it makes 4 cents ! :lol: )