The Percussion Compo

Okay, this time a serious compo. It’s time to take matters into hands, and do a percussive competition.

Presenting: The Percussion Compo

Quick Rules:

  • No musical samples/instruments allowed (piano/bass/synths)
  • No musical percussion instruments allowed (marimba/vibes/glockenspiel)
  • Rhythm creativity counts!
  • and so on…

Check out the site for more details:
If you have any questions, please fire away!

Good luck!

sounds cool! i’ll make sure i submit before the deadline this time :)

You better!! :lol:

nice idea:)

I made something but it probably won’t qualify, I read the disclaimer about chaotic mumbo jumbo after the fact ;)

EDIT: Here, just for sh!ts n giggles

Yes, this won’t quite do :blink:

nobody ever laughs…

heheh :lol:

how can I listen to the entries on the site??

  • what do you mean with crazy? 188 bpm spassmcore?

is this more along like a drumfunk steez?

or percussion in a traditional/general sense like the way a drummer in a rockband thinks percussion?

btw, there is actually ‘good sounding’ 188+bpm stuff its just really hard to find sometimes. not all 188+bpm stuff is breakcore & friends.

I resent the implication that breakcore doesn’t sound good… properly produced breakcore sounds great :P… it’s the stuff that sounds like fast noisezore that sucks

Hmm… Am I allowed to make …say bass sounds and stuff out of drum samples with effects such as distorsion and filters?

dont think so, that would be a forbidden melodical instrument.

I can’t wait to get home, I will take part in this for sure.

there is a very fine line, and a very thick line.
distinguishing them from eachother gets easier an easier.
an it is all different tastes.

hear me out man.

an example of what im talking about.
i persoanlly think, anyone that staples slayer guitars to cut up amens.
is pathetic.
to me all i see in this is how they are just laying more of the already industry laid foundation to promote teenage angst by capitolizing on it.

an these guys think they are cutting edge? cmon.
its the same culture loop over and over and over again.

heh (i’ll step off the soapbox now)

to clarify this,
i want to hear the amen brother breakbeat and many other breakbeats with variation. not just drum variation, but also effects variation.
there is a ton of breakcore drowning the amen with distorsion
not dynamically, but statically.
most the time they dont even try to be creative about it.
just noisey garbage, an they are happy to be making noisey garbage.
an thats where i get off lumping breakcore and friends into that slot.

check it, theres guys doing some f****ing amazing work that could be considered to be breakcore. i dont beleive its breakcore, sure it has some of the same likenesses. its more of an evolution that is mental drums.

im sure we are close to the same page bytesmasher, i think the majority of what you felt with the resentment has much more to do with crossgenre confusion. probably my fault for not originally clarifying what i meant.
anyway be ez

an example of some i do like to hear:
anything by soundmurderer and sk1
vsnares magnificent album Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett
most of the stuff my friend steven has put on his label m-a-s-h records
most if not all of the releases on terminal dusk, quite abit of the releases on shockout,most everything of sixteenarmedjack,cycheouts/cycheouts ghost,amen orchestra’s 17waves,razorX, ceephax’s hardcore wick
for the most part ive been out of the loop with new stuff so probably most of that stuff is general knowledge.

I like mashnum P.I. and their slogan “sample from the rich and party with the poor”. met one of them last week and I really love their stuff.

i remember their first release coming out but i never got around to checking it out.


Hey Cdnalsi, how about being more specific? :)

its fun :) there is also some video of a livegig they did in switzerland. maybe I will do some stuff with this guy, we just found out we both are retro-sci-fi freaks. hehe.