The Pessimism And Ranting Thread

the purpose of this thread is to get out your aggressions and hatred towards the world. please complain about all the shitty things in your life that plague you

let’s get this started

f**** my job is stressful.

right now in my group i am supposed to have 7 coworkers, i only have 4 right now… so we have more work than we can actually get completed. it keeps piling up and piling up and we get more and more backlogged

and then today the stupid medicare system has been down all day… that means we can’t even verify medicare accounts right now which means we are gonna get even more behind…

:wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

if job pisses me off then i usually dont take it too seriously… if i get fired then so be it, its not like i liked the job anyway :)

Think positive, in a way its better to have job you dont like than the one you do like :) cause you stress yourself much less being afraid that you might loose it! :)

yeah but it pays decently and i need it to support my family … not sure what i would do if i didn’t have this job

I know a lot of chicks but… hey, in a year or two, they won’t remember my name… I need a REAL gf.

Oh, and I hate my job :)

nice idea, but its abit too late :D but thanx for the idea.


I have to finish my essay about the romantic era in music, but haven’t done anything since last monday…basically I’m going back and forth between the same couple of messageboards, picking winners out of my nose…the thing is I also have an exam next thursday for which I still have to do a music track & documentation…and I haven’t done jack shit!

This exam’ll determine if I pass this year, so it’s really important… what can I do about *writersblock *? My subject will be about the esthetics of broken gear, since lately everything around me seems to crumble I thought that would be a good idea…if anyone has a good idea bending audio data in ways it shouldn’t please share!

hmm. I am pessimistic, because DJ Jo still calls me dopefish :D

but you call him dj jo when his name is dj io…
…and that is exactly whats wrong with the world! :angry: :P

the first weekend off I’ve had in a few weeks, and my sister decides she doesnt care about the fact I need to get sleep, and cranks her stty fking pop music (which booms through the wall and makes quite a racket) at 9:30 am, making the executive decision that 9:30 is the latest I am allowed to sleep regardless of working 3 weeks straight.

I proceed to allow a certain mr. funk to brighten up her morning with noisecore on all 4 massive drivers cranked to oblivion for 2 hours. (I needed earmuffs…but it was worth it)


I had a problem with some guy living in the flat under me some years ago. he was always listening to very bad hardrock-stuff very loud, I went down there someday and complained and he just said “I cant believe its that bad”.

So I went up, took my speakers and lay them on the floor and then played some badass-hardcore jungle (it was somewhere in the late nineties) for an hour. Never had a problem with him again.

nice one… you gotta fight the power

First time, I am really depressed, here. I just came home from party and the girl I really adore presented me her new boyfriend. If that is not bad enough, I just ruined my car-engine today. I feel so bad right now, I just wanna puke.

ouch man, almost as bad a day as me! Im not even gonna go into it but yes lets agree; girls are the coldest, most fierce and fiery f****ing creatures on the planet.

Girls are the last thing to be depressed about… Dont take it so seriously. If i would be depressed every time some girl says to me “its not you, but i think we shouldnt see eachother anymore”, i would be dead already :) i rather say “ok” and move on. Actually girl is even little dissapointed after that :lol: cause she would expect me to cry and beg her like “please dont go, please” but im not like that, there is no point in doing that.

yes, indeed there is not, but some mem/women do this.

An ex-boyfriend of an ex-girlfriend of mine kept on calling her desperately, waiting for her under her home, and so on.

Sometimes it even occurred that I phoned her, and he answered, telling me “who the f*ck are you?! stay away from my girlfriend!”… he threatened me; he also threatened her friends, he beated her… in a few words, he just went mad about me and her.

Since she did never sent him to hell (it was a decision she had to take, not me, I repeated constantly), after 7 months I sent her to hell.

Of course, they got engaged again 3 days after :rolleyes:

I don’t like beeing pessimistic, but ranting about girls can be justified I guess… :rolleyes:

So here’s my problem. I met this girl this winter. Very cute and funny and we always have a blast together. After a few dates it got more intimate. But she wanted to just stay friends. I know that’s not good in any way. :) But I wasn’t all emotional over this so I decided to keep her friendship, no big deal. And it has been that way since, until this Friday. Together with our “friend” alcohol, we ended up hugging like crazy, but nothing more than that. And lately we have spent a lot of time together and talked almost every day. It’s like a relation without sex :(

And I promised myself I would never do this to myself again. I’ve done this a few times so my friends now use the expression “pull a Johan” when you take someone you’re in to and become friends with them.

It-Alien, I like your expression “send to hell”, haven’t heard that one before. If I do this or something else evolves I might promote this post to the coffehouse :)

Yesterday morning I woke up and everything was f****d. Not really, but it felt like it. Sun was shining outside and it was warm and everything. I just sat inside and kept my curtains closed. Didn’t want to meet anyone, not even strangers on the street.

And now, it’s monday. Off to work in a few hours. Again this week I’ll be working in a huge freezer, -20 degrees and lots of heavy frozen stuff. Grrrreat. Mondays just suck.

well, this can’t be worse than having a long weekend available (friday was national holiday here in Italy), and it rained the whole weekend! In June!

Now it’s monday, and of course it is sunny.

rant rant rant

(actually, I’ve spent the whole weekend playing drums and composing, so it was not really that bad :))

So my share of this whole thing.

as you may noticed I had to split up with my gf after five years. did hurt like hell, especially since she got really all raged up and started to do nasty things and tell bad stories to people about me.

one of these people is a guy I had some relation with a while ago but kinda left alone about 3 months ago because he is a real egocentric, he is not really an ass, but everything not about him just doesnt bother him. We made a verbal contract for example about something (50/50) and when the whole thing brought in much more money than we anticpated I had to argue for half an hour with him just to get 50 bucks. thats just the peak of stories about him being unsensible and not being able to feel into other people at all.

the point is now that they both got together two weeks ago and I really snapped, because thats something that I never could have imagined, I know her, I know him, I have no idea how on earth they could go together and furthermore my ex knows him to be an absolute prick and was the one to tell me to just stay away from him in the firstplace.

this hurt again very much, but I calmed down quite fast, because I know that either
a ) this is obvious bullshit and they will pay with tears and feelings very soon (maybe only her, but I dont care) or
b ) if they really connect and live a happy life then I was completely wrong about my gf and dont want her back ever anyway.

either way I think my ex just wanted to state a point and she managed that very well, I feel much better since.

BUT ! here comes the twist. he contacted me a few weeks ago (when I didnt know that they were together, only that the was “friends” with her) and wanted to sort things out, I wrote him back a couple of times, told him that even being friends with my ex-gf really sucks and that I am very disappointed, told him all the stuff that made me walk away from him etc., I got a bunch of mails with loads of crap, lies, denials and other stuff back. And so I just decided that he is definately dead for me.

Now I know they are together and the point is that a few months ago some friend of his asked him for the phonenumber of one of his ex-gf because he liked her and that guy totally snapped and raged around that its entirely bullshit to hit on ex-gfs in the circle of friends, blabla.

wrote him that too, with a huge smiley in the mail, and now (here comes the punchline) that guy is obviously feeling so guilty that he offered me a job for three times in the past week altough I said every time “leave it, I rather starve to death than work for you, who do you think I am ?”, started to contact my friends and asking them if they can talk to me (close friends ! they phoned me instantly and we laughed our ass off), checks my blog three times a day and so on.

So all I do now everytime he does that stuff is to send an sms to my ex telling her that she should really look after him, since he making a complete fool of himself at the moment. Guess that will start quite some rattle everytime, because as crazy7hurt as my gf is, we agreed to just leave each other alone and we both respect and do that.

I have fun at the moment really. makes me happy to see this guy feeling anything close to guilt and actually having to think about himself for the first time in his life, I guess.

edit: and on 24th this month there will be a party by one of our mutual friends. I said to him “sorry, I wont be there if they both show up, just cant manage this atm”, my friends asks this guy, he goes “yeah sure, we look forward to it”, I sms my ex telling her that is really not in our “leave each other alone”-policy for her to come to this party (especially since she does not know anyone there) and I get the answer back that she never intended to come, because she doesnt want to see me anyway. :blink: :huh: :lol:
I dont care if he shows up, since I lost literally all respect for him it will be easy to ignore him, and maybe he just brings yet another of his already classic comedic performances.

looza, there are a few real idiots out there. That “friend” of yours seem like one of them. It makes you appreciate the really good friends you have though.