The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

I give the album 3/5 … Not that impressed with every track… but perhaps the low points will grow on me.

SAMPLING FOR THE SAKE OF SAMPLING IS SILLY MMKAY? … aside from being the most boring prodigy track I’ve ever heard, the background sample is just fucking annoying. Liam, you better have written this track for some sentimental reason.

After a few more listens, I have to say that I’m somewhat confused at the message of this entire album. I can’t tell if he’s promoting war or denouncing it… I’m pretty sure Liam has a fetish for guns, so it’s kinda hard to tell.

Wait, you already HAVE the album…?


runs away

it has leaked on torrent sites.
this time, the real deal, but it has some little skips in some songs.
I’m still happy I have the album in pre-order.
Although Byte has some points, I can’t totally agree.
especially some things mentioned are pure taste.

I will enter the critic war after listening the album a bit more :ph34r: :P


Oh well oh well oh well… I was listening to our Lucid Squarepusher
when you guys were still waiting for the previews :P

Can’t wait for this one tho, also have it in the pre-order!

And for the record, I bought SP afterwards anyway, for good measure.

Not my copy :P

I give your review a score of 2.5/5 Bytesmasher :)

Come to think of it: I had your album 2 years before it was even released ;)
… And bought it only two weeks ago…?!

Oh my…

That’s good considering I expended about 10% effort on it.

“I don’t like where this is going. They’re playing right into the hands of the fluoro trendy asshats with 80s sunglasses, those slip on shoes, tiny shorts and ‘retro-cool’ tees.”

…from what i’ve heard…

i listened it also. don’t like it. it is surely good and all that, but not that emotional and full of energy like it pretends to be.

“Liam Howlett couldn’t possibly have put emotion into this album. He’s just faking it. He’s really a robot. Srsly.”

You’re absolutely right. I don’t hear any energy. This is really quite possibly the least intense album I’ve ever heard.

In other news, scientists have recently stumbled across an amazing discovery: It seems music an pretend! Yes, that’s right. Your favourite music might really not be all that good at all… it might actually be deceiving you! This discovery comes on the heels of another related discovery that music doesn’t actually exist at all, and that we really live in an existential void named “Stu”. Tune in for more at 6:00!

In the tradition Byte-Smasher given us, here my opinion. you may not care, but it’s fun to discuss ^_^
I give the album 4/5

Invaders must die
For me, the downloadable single, was a very strange introduction to the ‘new Prodigy’.
But it grew on me, and now I think of it, as not classic, but very likeable.

I really dig this song! this is really the prodigy sound that I wanted to expect after Fat of the land.

Maybe, I still have to hear this track some more, I don’t seem to see the big picture here.
nice strings and synth tracks like jilted and experience, but it feels like the beat is to “made to kick”
should be quicker like the heat (the energy) or hyperspeed maybe.

Looks like some sounds that where not good enough for 'World’s on fire"
It surely has good elements, by far not the best on the album.

Take me to the Hospital
Now this is a track that shows some serious inspirations!
great thing with the filtered vocoder in the beginning, not following the fast track beat trend on the singles.
yes Liam can still make booming slower beats (i loved Poison for that).
Nice use of the ambulance sound. This is good!

Warrior’s Dance
Is this track so epic as the intro suggests?
A vocal sample from plus staples?
ok nice oldskool beat kicks in!
Not bad, but the tiny introduction in the end of the high pitched right panned synth just doesn’t justify this track being longer as 4 minutes.

Run with the wolves
Nice brakes in this one, I’m not font of the melody here, but it’s not bad. at all
only thing (not particular this track) is, with fat of the land, Liam showed you can make an enegized beat
with very few kicks (firestarter, Smack my Bitch up). I don’t seem to get that on this album.

Omen Reprise
It’s an album format that I can understand. one track must be a ballad (well sort of, in this case:))
but this one is so hollow in comparison with tracks like Weather experience or 3 kilos.

World’s on Fire
I like this one a lot! Just like Byte, I have to make some comparisments with the live version:
First I thought winamp was jamming because of the repeats that come in when the weird aahhahaha sample kicks in.
I mis that subtile pause when the old outlander sample comes in.
luckely I pre-ordered the version with the DVD,

Ok this is one of those tracks you have to hear some more.
It’s really a party raiser, this will be kicking hard with live shows.

Stand Up
After many tries to listen to this one … Just make sure you had enough booze or other things you prefer if you come along this track.

i’m reserving my judgement til the CD arrives in the post. oddly enough, with the exception of “fat of the land”, i wasn’t too keen on any of the albums the first time i heard them - they definitely grew on me though. i expect much the same will happen with the new album. <_<

on a slight tangent, my tickets for the prodigy gig in newcastle arrived the other day. :w00t:

I agree.

Overall, not too crazy about the album. Maybe it needs to grow on me more. But at this point I like always outnumbered better.

The Prodigy are irrelevant, and this album is jam packed with irrelevant music. These dudes have gone on such a sharp decline since Experience and Jilted it’s not even funny. We’re talking full on nuclear explosive decline.

Every single track on this record, Omen included, is derivative sludge, and it’s directly shameful for a band that used to fucking spearhead to be reduced to dragging their sorry feet like this, half retreading old paths, half biting off others (Pendulum in particular).

Sad. RIP.

This album is very mediocre. Some hit potential, but nothing I’d start banging every day/week/month at home. So many good sounds, but at least half of them are shite. So many good grooves, but at least half of the songs are shite. Many wasted opportunities, that’s how I feel about this album.

The Prodigy? Shitehouse.

With poetic, romantic, hard bitten yet graceful writing like that I’m practically the new Lester Bangs!