The Renoise Effect Plugin (Redux FX)

Hi. We have allready Renoise Sampler as a VST for other DAWs.
It would be great, if we get the Renoise FX plugin to use the Native Renoise Effects for other DAWs.

I mean not every Single effect as a seperate plugin.
I mean a plugin rack, to load the renoise effects and and modulate with the lfo for example.

A kind of ReduxFX.

I dont know, how much work it is, but it is allready everything there. It can be a little redux without the Sampler, with audio input.
@taktik what do you think?

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Definitely! The effects in redux are really great and well deserving of a standalone fx version. This could even be a paid addon, I would happily pay for it.

I have tried using the vsti as fx plugin but it is fiddly. Reaper for example always passes the dry signal through the vsti plugin so you always get a blended signal of wet and dry. There are ways to hack by rerouting but then changing presets resets this. Telling Reaper to treat redux as a vst isn’t ideal either as it won’t show up immediately when inserting instrument.

I opened a similar thread:

@Chuck what I have been doing on Reaper to use Redux as an insert is, in this order:

-Adding a Reaeq with no bands that just forwards the audio from output 1/2 to 3/4 (or any higher).
-Using a VST to Mute channel 1/2 (e.g. socalabs channel mute).
-Making Redux input to be channel 3/4, then output to 1/2.

It is suboptimal, but is a better solution and it can be saved as an FX chain.