The Renoise Effect Plugin (Redux FX)

Hi. We have allready Renoise Sampler as a VST for other DAWs.
It would be great, if we get the Renoise FX plugin to use the Native Renoise Effects for other DAWs.

I mean not every Single effect as a seperate plugin.
I mean a plugin rack, to load the renoise effects and and modulate with the lfo for example.

A kind of ReduxFX.

I dont know, how much work it is, but it is allready everything there. It can be a little redux without the Sampler, with audio input.
@taktik what do you think?


Definitely! The effects in redux are really great and well deserving of a standalone fx version. This could even be a paid addon, I would happily pay for it.

I have tried using the vsti as fx plugin but it is fiddly. Reaper for example always passes the dry signal through the vsti plugin so you always get a blended signal of wet and dry. There are ways to hack by rerouting but then changing presets resets this. Telling Reaper to treat redux as a vst isn’t ideal either as it won’t show up immediately when inserting instrument.


I opened a similar thread:

@Chuck what I have been doing on Reaper to use Redux as an insert is, in this order:

-Adding a Reaeq with no bands that just forwards the audio from output 1/2 to 3/4 (or any higher).
-Using a VST to Mute channel 1/2 (e.g. socalabs channel mute).
-Making Redux input to be channel 3/4, then output to 1/2.

It is suboptimal, but is a better solution and it can be saved as an FX chain.

I also think this would be a great feature! You can always take a look at how Serum is doing it in SerumFX for some inspiration.

@rafa1981 I do it in a similar way, but rather add another track and do some routing, similar to this [Tutorial] Elektron Overbridge as FX in Reaper - YouTube In this way you don’t need to add any additional VST:s, just an extra track and some routing.

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But that can’t be saved as a FX chain, but as a track configuration, which is more inconvenient for trying things.

Since then, I developed a plugin for these Routing issues and added some FX and routing capabilities too:

I think that official Reaper added a routing tool as JSFX too.

Lately I’m covering this use case with Uhe’s Zebrify.

True true. Your solution sounds more flexible in that way!

Interesting! Didn’t know about this! Will check it out (can it be the plugin named JS Channel Router w/Polarity maybe?). I run Mac these days so am unfortunately not able to try out your plugin, but the JS plugin sounds promising.

@rafa1981 Ok, now I have tested a few things but I couldn’t solve it with just one JSFX, at least not one I found, I could solve it though in a similar way as your first solution by using JS Channel Router w/Polarity and route 1/2 to 3/4, then adding a JS Mapper-Downmixer and there mute 1/2, then set Redux to input 3/4 and then output to 1/2, then another JS Mapper-Downmixer that mutes 3/4 (you need that last one if you don’t want to send the dry signal to the master on 3/4). In that way it is a Reaper only solution with no need of extra VST:s. Still a bit long-winded though, but can be saved as a FX chain. (can still not be used as an Item FX in Reaper though, the only solution for that I guess is a native Redux FX VST wich I still hope for ;))

+1 - The Renoise/Redux-FX are top notch and I really would love to use them in other DAWs, too. I’d even pay another full renoise-licence for this.



I would also like this and would be totally cool with it being a separate product

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