The Renoise Users In Norway Standup Thread

Lets form a militia

HaveSome - Oslo


Bergen her
(men opprinnelig totning - gjøvik :yeah: )

Bergen + 1

I promote Renoise as much as I can, with my blog and when people ask what stuff I use.

But my consciousness is tainted - whenever newbie people ask me the more direct question of “hey I would like to make music on computers, what do you recommend” I have to admit, I seldom mention Renoise.

I’m afraid the program will scare people off. I love Renoise, but I don’t think it is the optimal solution for a newbie to explore and get started with computer music. It’s kinda more of a second step. So I tell them Garageband, Live or Fruityloops… maybe Reason. Depending on how I understand the person/what computer they have.

And then I guess most give up, and the rest either stay with their first program, or evolve/expand from there to regular DAWs or Renoise or Buzz or Supercollider or Max/MSP or whatever.

Do you guys recommend Renoise to complete newbies, and do you do it because you honestly think Renoise is the best way to get started for them, or mostly because you love the program?

Tønsberg :)

Oslo her men ikke helt renoisebruker. Utmerket program skal det uansett sies.

People use what they want. All the big names have a big allure for newbies :) Getting fantasies they’re some big hotshot producer with a super elite version of Cubase, lots of sliders going up&down, I know I had those types of thoughts :) But that being said, Renoise isn’t that complicated. I realise I’m having that kind of fantasy these days. Being super elite because Renoise is super complicated, which it isn’t. Every software has a learning curve. And the curve is more to do with getting to grips with what music is.

Edit- I’m not from norway

Fredrikstaaaa! (bor is Oslo)

Renoise ftw! I’m mostly using the linux version these days, finally some developers are porting plugins to this platform (Discovery, Aspect). Great times! :)

Booyah. Oslo.


Vestlending her ^_^

Norwegian, but moved to a better place, haha. Tried out renoise 2 when it looked like the development energy-xt was going down the drains (oslo based btw). Turnes out they are back on track now, with demos at naam in january and deals with behringer behind them.
I get the workflow in renoise single patterns, and i like it a lot. But when it comes to making music trough organizing several patterns, the flow stops for me. Im used to indepentandt “blocks” that can be moved freely around easily whereever you want on one single huge canvas. now THAT is fast and xt does this very nicely. When youre used to the pianoroll zoomeable free blocks, the set patterns actually seem very bit old and rigid.
So unless i overcome this in a way soon, ill stick with xt. Too bad because renoise looks cool, like a matrix movie or something, and the sampler and other stuff is way cool and its such a bargain!I wish there was a tutorial or demostration of hwo to work fluently with patterns. Maybe theres something i dont get.
One thing tho is that you can pick up some bad habits trought the moving-blocks-around-arranger way, and renoise maybe can help breaking that cycle. But show me how you build up a song of 20-30 patterns without breaking flow and im in for surel.

Trondheim her

And to nebularspool: I really think renoise is a viable option for complete beginners, maybe not for everyone, but it’s a real option for those who really likes details and lots of HEX (everybody switches to hex when installing renoise, right ? :) )

PS to nebular: are you the one and only GMM, and if so: when are you going to do a gig in trondheim? Love all of your projects - especially ninja 9000 - goodness!

Kongsberg, men fortsatt mest AMIGA:-)

Oslo here! I don’t use renoise anymore (mostly because i record alot of real instruments, and mix/produce other artists), but i will buy 2.0 and play around with it of course :)

Edit: born in Aalesund btw!

bodø her :)

sorry to break the circle, but when i think of Norway, I think of every single from norway being in some sort of epic/fantasy metal band of some sort, i might be wrong though - you might all just be making epic/fantasy metal on renoise instead :P

like these guys?

black/viking metal, oil, and A-ha. that’s what it’s all about up here :ph34r:




I’m promoting Renoise cause I like the thing. Was thinking about buying Logic. But, then again. I don’t have the money for it :(

Renoise for the poor and nerdy ;)