The Search Engine Of This Forum


I’m looking for a particular post I’ve once made on somebody stuck with writers block, discussing how to create musical time, perfectionism etc, but I can’t seem to find it.

I remember one sentence saying something like ‘i believe in doing’, but when I search this I get nothing arghh…

Are there some searching tricks I can do, connecting short words with one and other to up the chances?

Samples Vs. Instruments :)

The search function is indeed a bit weird at times. Seems like it can only find posts if the keywords appear very early in the post text. For example, I can find your post no problem if I search for “Listening to sound feeds inspiration” which is in the first sentence, but not for “I believe in doing” which is further down the post.

Anyway, most of the time I use Google. It’s much easier: +jonas +“i believe in doing”

  1. Goto google
  2. Type writers block

Using ‘’ on Google is how I find stuff all the time, works every time.

thanks! Will use google in the future!

Can’t this be implemented in the forum somehow?
I know some sites and forums that use Google search on their search bar…