The Stepper™ Meta Device

I know i shouldn’t post those kind of things for a blacklisted device, but this may handy for a lot of you:
it basically is a staircase meta manipulator, you can map everything you give to the input from 1 to 10 steps (normal or inverted).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<filterdeviceclipboard doc_version="0"><br>
  <deviceslot type="FormulaMetaDevice"><br>
      <customdevicename>The Stepper</customdevicename><br>
        <formulaparagraph>floor(invert(A, C) * (1 + B * 9) + 0.5) / floor((1 + B * 9) + 0.5)</formulaparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph>function invert(value, param)</functionsparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph> if param &lt; 0.5 then</functionsparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph> return value</functionsparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph> else</functionsparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph> return 1.0 - value</functionsparagraph><br>
        <functionsparagraph> end</functionsparagraph><br>
        <visualization>Mixer and Device</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Mixer and Device</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>
        <visualization>Device only</visualization><br>


Ah, brilliant. Thanks :)
Had made my own stepping formula, but not flexible like this.
Will have great use of this one.

Feel free to post more formula stuff ;)

I came. :D VERY damn cool! :yeah: Thanks for this!

Dude, this is awesome. I really need to play with the Formula Meta Device more.

Smart ! :yeah:

Blacklisted? You guys stopped developing on it?

^ seeing the amount of stuff made with this experimental/alpha-device, i find it quite hard to believe it will not at least survive in its current form…

Yay. It works, and of course it’s very very unlikely that we’ll simply remove it. Worst thing that could happen is that we never officially publish it.

As it is now it just does not feel “right” and “complete” yet. It’s on one hand quite complicated, on the other hand pretty limited as well. I think we can do this better - somehow.

maybe mix it with the tools stuff a little bit, so that, you can add your own formulas and give the input values names etc, then package it to a new dsp device? because it could be far more than just a dsp with presets…

This is very useful! A signal quantizer is very very useful!

If you ever make a modular-view of instruments, you might be able to reuse those GUI elements for a user-friendly version of the formula device too.