The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 odd time signature

Can anyone help me figure out the signature Rushup Bank I 12?

I’m new to music production so I’ve been using other people’s music to help study timing and rhythm. But I can’t seem to figure this one out.

I put a sample of Rushup into renoise and found out that at a tempo of 200 BPM, a pattern length of 128 Lines, at 12 LPB fits the track perfectly.

However I don’t understand the time signature. I tried to figure it out and thought that maybe it was in a 12/4 (syncopated?) time signature?

So for example:

› 128 Lines / 12 Lpb = 10.66/4


› 128 - 8 = 120 Lines

› 120 Lines / 12 Lpb = 10/4

› Each patterns then has 8 lines leftover, meaning that after 3 patterns the sum of the extra lines would amount to 24 lines (8 x 3)

› 24 Lines / 12 LPB = 2/4

Now by adding up the two time signatures

› 10/4 + 2/4

› it would result in 12/4

Thing is I don’t really know if I’m right or not. I’ve been looking at it for a few hours now and I’ve kinda lost myself by going over it so many times. Everything seems to fit perfectly with the song, however those last 8 lines per pattern are kinda confusing my head. And I’m not really very good at this kinda thing to being with.

Sorry if I’ve worded any of that confusingly.

I’ve attached the .xrns file that I was using to figure out Rushups timing. It’s got a voice counter over the top, and some kicks, snares, and hi-hats layered on top that match with the song, to show how in time they are.

So can anyone tell me if I’m right, and that it is in 12/4, or have I just gone completely off-the-rails and overcomplicated the whole thing?

6913 Rushup Bank I 12 Timing.xrns

I did not open the file, I can’t where I am now. :

But Rushup is a plain 4/4. Tempo 150. Basslines may have 2 bars or even 4 bars long phrases.The feel of Rushup is mostly in 16th with 8th syncopated event on basses. (Based on this version:

Set your LPB to 24 with 96 lines per patterns.

Each 24 lines is one beat.

Each 12 lines is a 8th

Each 6 lines is a 16th

Wanna make triplet: 8 lines, 16 lines, 32

48 is half bar, 96 is one bar.

Hope it helped

Oh yeah you’re right. I don’t know how I ended up making it so complicated. Probably something to do with being up at 4 am haha

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

YOu can make perfect odd time signatures with lpb 8

One quarter note = 8 lines .

a Pattern of 56 lines equals 7 quarter notes .

For example pink floyd’s money bassline is 7/4

Sometimes odd signatures can be achieved by adding

For example 12/8 = 8/4+4/4

11/8 = 6/8+5/8

etc…This is used a lot in jazz …

Stereolab does a lot of 5/8 …fantastic band btw

I posted some examples a couple of years ago …

Oh yeah 12 lpb is fantastic because you can do triplets ., you could also do this with 8lpb but then you’ll have to use the note delay collumn

Rule of thumb = lpb * beats per measure = pattern length

12/4 time sounds pretty snazzy though