The Ultimate "trance Is Gay" Compo Is Open!

Oke ladies and ladies. Here´s a special task for you:

You have to compose the most cutest, fluffiest, tuffiest and most gayish Trance piece that the world has ever seen!
Also non trancers are allowed to contribute ofcourse, just give it a try.

You will be given with a very special award if you are the lucky one :)



The aim of this compo is to create a cheesy song with Renoise that you think fits the description “gay melodic trance”. If you’re not sure what to think of that, you can find some hints on this site. You can also listen to the entries that have already been submitted to get a good impression or for some inspiration.

Create your song in .rns format. We want to give the scene a little something back, don’t we?

There are secret prizes… If you participate in this competition, please send your address and optionally your faxnumber to I don’t know what he’s up to, but he ensured me he won’t visit you at home. You decide whether that is a good or bad thing.

You can participate as many times as you like. It’s for a good cause: increasing the number of public Renoise modules.

You can use VSTi and VSTfx, hardware and samples, anything as long as anyone can play the module. But, keep it legal.

We want to make sure that the people who get your module know who made it and what this compo is about. Edit this template textfile and fill in your information.

Compress the module, textfile and any other appropriate files you wish to add (such as cover art) using WinRAR.

Put your work of art on this ftp server:

All good things must come to an end. The very last moment to send in your file is Feb 14 2005, 19:00.

The results and winners will be announced on Feb 28 2005, 19:00.

// These rules were last edited on 5 January 2005 and written by Ptrance and Bantai

Some shouts:

Shogun - We love you all! You got that stone rolling. I luv u my mate :wub:
Johan - :wub: for inspiring me for the Compo Title
Gilli - mhhhh… warm saw example :guitar:
Bantai - Bunchies!
It-Alien - ah… I luv you too as the whole comunity does :wub:

Ciao bellas :wub:

Disclaimer: I am not gay :P

2nd edit


Post above contains mature language!

Nice layer technique on that creature :)

Well, ppl come on and join!

I couldn’t help but laughing my ass out reading the forum lately :lol: :lol:
I know that “artistically oriented” people is generally intended to express in many ways… but, c’mon, we should open our own teathre season and put up a comic show :lol:
However sweety, I’m in! I’m in!
imitating Sago while waving arms like a teen in frenzy

erm… meh! I dare somehow to make a cute website… that wouldn´t turn out very good. I like it to design sites more dark you know? :huh:

dunno :blink:

Otherwise if someone else would design a proper site I would be very proud to host it giving an obvious hint

Excellent :yeah: :dribble:

As long as I don´t make profit of it, it should be okay with the copyright.

Go ahead :)

Do I do that? :blink:


Oh, yeah, that’s true… I do. :rolleyes: giggle

I guess I must be in on this… after all I am mentioned in the credits :D

We’re hot! :)

DAMN IT, man! …you had me laughing like an idiot for about 5 minutes when you did :lol:

hmmmm… <_< <_<
…it ain’t gay at all… you’re going to loose the compo if you continue on this way… :D

You DAMN RIGHT we are ;) :lol: :lol:

lol, I don´t know if I´m (as the compo promoter, trendsetter :D and the root of all life) even allowed to participate :D

well… if I´m going to win I will disqualify myself :)

(note to self: point such things out BEFORE you start realizing such ideas)


You may also try to get some stuff via p2p. I consider to do a remix but I´m not really sure which song to pick right now :)

I thought of a Space-Taxi-RMX but it’s not international :)

What’s a girl doing in a gay poster?

Unless it would be Cher, but she’s not a girl anymore…

e:sorry, it’s not a poster, but u get the point…



leave it as it is… just replace it with a gay picture… even if I prefer the girly one :)

Search for some err… proper images as example [CENSORED] if you hadn´t found something already :)


err… well bad example but you should have some success there :rolleyes:

clear mind edit

sorry, guess I was a little to excited while posting a link to a porn site… won´t do it again :)

Well, I must admit, there’s some hilarious symbolism in that girl.

:D :D

btw. I´ve written in the rules that VST & VSTi PlugIns are not allowed… but do we really want that?

As long as they are free and provided with the song I don´t see a problem.
Also I would say since Bantai is providing us a nice warm we should give it a new startup then… means rethinking of deadline etc.

Waddaya think?

ah… and yeah I wanna use my SUPERWAVE P8 VSTi to keep up with someones JP8080 :rolleyes:



As already stated, when the site is ready just contact me and I will host it for us. Finally got some additional webspace (just for the Longtrack :) ) and a better trafficlimit. I´m ready for everything which is completely stupid :P

Eeeh! leave it as is… but eh, Bantai, should superimpose his own face over pink’s and add a goatie-beard… (and add a pair of hairy legs, now when come think of it… hmm… ) :dribble: :lol:

umm aren’t gays supposed to be some of the best dressed men?

Picturing one as an evil drag queen from hell isn’t very gay… just distasteful :rolleyes:

Heh, yeah sure… You’ve heard of Elton John, right? :P

Fantastic avatar btw!!!