The Ultimate Xrni Compo Vol1

OK so this is the deal
Below you can download a brand new VSTi designed just for this compo
The idea for Vol1 is to create the best reese/breakcore bass patch using only the VSTi and native Renoise FX
The winner will get (In true Renoise style) to pick the next feature added to the VSTi before Vol2 and so on to infinity hehehe
All entrants will be rendered as XRNI and then uploaded to Renoise Resources for users to enjoy

OK then the VSTi
Because this is the first version for the first compo it is a very very simple VSTi but has a twist specifically for this challenge
It has 3 oscs that can be spread and 3 band split stereo outs, Out 1 is the low, Out 2 is the Mid, Out 3 is the High (Perfect for this type of bass patch challenge)
There are a few other things but just put it in your VST folder and you will see
Obviously as these compos go on the VSTi will get more and more powerful too as the winners choose new features

Winners will be chosen by votes here in the forum
Once we have given everybody time to find out about this challenge we will start the monthly clock ticking :)

I have added a crappy example to the zip so you can see the routing of the synth in action ;)


how did you make the vsti?

thnx for the vsti! Hope I can join in one of the future renditions of this compo.

This looks like it was made with SynthEdit, I can tell by some of the traces it leaves behind and from seeing quite a few VSTs in my time.


Totally wrong because it isn’t made with SE
It is made with SM ;)


PS Does that matter ?
If so i’ll remove the download
I din’t realise people had issues with certain development environments
Oh well

lol no no, that joke didn’t go over that well. do a Google image search for “shopped” :)

Sorry im British so i guess my sense of humour is weird hehe
What has photoshopped got to do with an audio plugin ?


It’s this joke where people post funny images of some random “know it all” guy pointing at a screen with a caption “This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.”, usually as a response to some questionable picture. I was being lame, carry on. The VSTi is wicked!

Nice little synth, the routing is a bonus and being able to sit down and just use it without having to trawl through pages of blurb is great.

I had a play about with some commercial filters with your synth, quite like the sound it can produce.


Will try to make something 100% renoise for this compo for sure.
Thanks for the VSTi! :)


Lovely reese Custard
Render it as an XRNI anyway :D
Hopefully with these compos we can get a huge range of XRNI uploaded for users to enjoy ;)

Cool to see people getting interested too
Looking forward to the entries


Well this was hasty and ended up starting a song of some sort… but there’s the reese! Dnb with reese

It’s 4 am here. Seems like just a moment ago I started fiddling around with the VSTi provided.

3:17 am here but happened to do the same an hour ago.

this compo doesn’t work for me :confused: … i also ended up starting a "song"instead of a patch… ho well…

Awesome tune Keith :D


Keith For The Win!

Nice tune, bigup the 303 ;)

Also started a little song. All sounds are realtime, meaning no samples rendered from the VST or any other stuff imported, just the plain synth and Renoise FX straight over it, the drums are done that way too.

:panic: wicked :guitar: