The Uniquely Generous Renoise Crowd


I just wanted to drop a note about the members of this forum. I have been a part of many a music forum, and of all those forums, the people in this forum have been uniquely cool and friendly. Just thought it had to be said. Maybe that is because the design crew is so deliberately connected to the ReNoise users, but whatever it is, it is really refreshing and encouraging. 5 THUMBS UP! To the ReNoise crowd. :guitar:


x :D


Nice words, nice pic :D

I feel a group hug coming, hehe…

I guess unfiltered sentiment is considered unmanly? Oops…

Men are bound to vaporate eventually so that isn’t a problem.

I guess it’s some sort of natural selection :)
I have come to think something similar very often. This is how I explained it to myself:
A very high number of people is in soccer, fashion, dating, gaming… while only a small amount are in music. Among those interested in music there is a certain amount of people just trying to replicate what they hear on the dancefloor… and this probably lead em to a certain kind of music editors. The other part of those are probably into finally “inventing” music with their own hands. Now we have this final amount of people who’s (most probably) more curious, sensible, intelligent and inventive than the average user of a soccer fan club’s forum.
A high number of people into music-writing comes to know about music programs-editors in certain “traditional” ways. A small (?) part of such people, instead, is rather pushed to go beyond “what they are told” to be the “standard tool” and look for “their own” standard tools. Those able to get past the “common opinion” or a part of those able to, will end up selecting their tool with all a different approach.
At the end of this childish logical process of mine, we should end up with a small group of tendentially ultra-clever people, freaks, out-of-the-box-thinkers, super-creatives, with almost supernatural powers. Most probably with some “social integration” problems, unable to fit a reality that’s built for the “average” rather than “the exception” and this brings to the human need of feeling they are not alone in their “kind”.
As soon as they find each other they will tend to be more than glad to interact with each other because by recognizing other similar beings they are indeed finally recognizing their own being… healing any doubt.

That is not a childish logical progression…

“Pavlovian Identity Create and Manifest Invocation By Label and/or Definition (PICMILD)”

I become what I think I am based on what other people think or say I am. :ph34r:

I’m not being ironic, I think those kittens are cute! :P
Besides, I tell my friends I love them and give them a big hug whenever I feel like it. Screw “manly”, be loving in stead!

And I agree with your sentiment, the community here is great, and have been praised several times before as I can remember! The willingnes to help and listen is present in most users, hardly any trashtalk at all, polite behaviour… Just plain nice all in all! :)

Amen my brother!

Is it my english faultering me…? :o
What’s the link between this and what I said? :huh:

A tracker-er becomes a tracker-er because he/she thinks he/she is a tracker-er based on the fact that others say he/she is a tracker-er.

So, in essence, when your parents explained to you at an early age that you were a tracker-er, then your head, after a period of considerable trauma and doubt, went “hmm. Wait just one damn minute, they’re exactly right!”, and you became a tracker-er.

This thesis explains alot of bad films and books(, if nothing else).

More hugs for everyone!

but…guys… are you talking to me? :blink:
Do I said anything even remotely similar to that? :mellow:

Seems like you two are speaking the same language… so please help me understand what the hell you’re talking about because you two are reacting exactly like if I have said the total opposite I have said in my post.

I never reacted to your post Parsec, I reacted to tunepoet’s, because it didn’t make alot of sense to me. I don’t know what he meant by it in relation to yours.
According to that quotation we are the product of others. So I’m an introverted wolf cub kind of person who tracks inherently because everyone around me thought or said I was an introverted wolf cub kind of person who tracks, thereby confirming it. That’s if you read the quote literally. I’m not entirely sure it’s supposed to be read like that.
To be honest, it does apply to your post. You wrote that there might be a certain group of people that become/became interested in tracking, and that there are common denominators between them. He wrote that you become what others let you (said not knowing what he actually meant, and reading whatever I am reading into it), and you could easily contort that to fit with your post.
For instance by saying that he was being ironic, whilst actually agreeing with you.
People do stuff like that.
Me on the other hand, I don’t agree, because I think that even if it were a tendency for introvert wolf cub people to track, you couldn’t read alot from it that wasn’t evident already. I don’t mind you trying though.

Hmm, it seems to me that this is totally wrong thread for arguing :rolleyes:

We are supposed to be good friends, thats what we talk about here :)

Even they argue from time to time.

But most of the time, they’re asleep and stuffed on honey.