The volume visualizations of the Track-Scopes

I’m working on a Renoise project with around 30-40 tracks, where the collected volume at the master is around -6 dB, which “by the book” should be a good level of volume prior a mastering-process (in the mixing process you’re supposed to have low volumes to ensure no clipping etc).

This may not be a big problem, and I haven’t really thought about it until now. But even though I’ve increased the Track Scope window itself, the volume-result of all the individual tracks separately appear to be too quiet in order for the Track Scopes to roll the visual representation in a satisfied way. Is there a way to increase the “loudness” in the scopes?

I’m sure there are some deliberate choices here, and the track names which sits right in the scopes could have something to do with it. Either way, perhaps the default setting is resulting in a “false illusion” that the mix is too quiet for its own good? The VU-meters on the other hand, in the mixing view, seems to have a more distinct visualization.

I collected a few examples in an image down below:


Maybe logarithmic or other scaling on the scopes could help. I almost never use the scopes pane as it is.

scopes “show” amplitudes in linear amplitude fashion - the sliders work in logarithmic decibels.

But scopes aren’t really there for watching levels. I think they are there, so you can see what kind of sound is currently going on in a track, and also guess the timbre a bit. They are like an audio waveform - try to mix waves you know the amplitude in the level meter, then resample, and look at the sample waveform afterwards. The scopes also would show wrong/distorted data if you used log fashion. Like a sine wave would look like one heavily overdriven with the shape mode of the distortion device.

I use the scopes a lot, mostly when sound designing for quick feedback. Alongside with resampling stuff to look/zoom at the waveform in the sampler. It is not thought to judge levels, but timbre of sound. For raw levels/peaks I use the mixer view meters, or the spectrum view.

I want the scopes to scroll very slow, so that it turns into a wavefirm-display, because you can watch the dynamics much better then. Just as in Cubase 8’s mixer, only horizontal.

And you want it, too, you only just don’t know yet.

Wouldn’t be such an effort to support slow scrolling, IMHO.

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