Thinking On Buying Renoise This Friday

hi all

quite new to this forum

so i am using reaper for my music creation(experimental,hardcore,breakcore)but im thinking on getting into trackers,so i was thinking i could "rewire"reaper with renoise.(havent tried that yet)

i have played alittle with the demo of renoise,but so far the music i make in renoise only sounds like one big looped sample running in repeat,it sounds the same over and over how do i get more variation??

thanx in advance

ohh is there somewhere where i can dl a list of what the diffeent actions effects??(hope you know what im talking about)

Rewire is currently not supported yet, but if you have the registered edition, you can use ReaRoute to route the audio channels and use MidiYoke to synchronize Renoise to Reaper.
Rewire is planned for implementation though, just the matter of “when” is currently not scheduled precisely.…sed-to-renoise/

i just have the demo for now,but i think im gonna buy renoise this friday,i have read somewhere that it shouldnt be a problem using external hardware (as in my case a yamaha rm1x,mo-fx,a compressor and some effects)

would you recommend me having a midikeyboard connected to my laptop(1,70ghz 2gb ram) ive got a oxygen 8(the first version)

and i need to get a list of the different effectcommands too.

i have just seen a few of the beginners videos,and i really looking forward to getting to know more about renoise

i think i will mainly use renoise for making the beats,using samples and breaks,and then running them to tracks in reaper,and then use reaper for bigger sample stuff

does that sound like a way to slowly get more into renoise??

and how is the midi-side of renoise??

I think the idea of using Renoise as a beat sequencer is sufficient, no real problems will occur.

Effect commands:

When being short about MIDI:
Control from external devices supported (MME or WDM)
MIDI CC supported, through pattern editor commands and using a MIDI CC device for automation.
Mapping MIDI controllers to DSP effects supported
MIDI instruments supported (internal, MME or WDM)
SysEx not supported
Aftertouch not supported
Internal MIDI routing not supported (routing from and to VST plugins amongst eachother)

thanx for your help vV
much appreciated,cant wait untill friday :yeah:

Renoise is the biz SNS :)

NAS (Yep it’s me again LOL)

hehe hi NAS,man you are everywhere hehe,yes im really looking forward to getting more into renoise,and especially to find out how it behaves when used with reaper

i have already decided to buy it,after i did some more playing around with the demo last night

on more thing though

i normally make my tracks in reaper at 250bpm,but can someone explain how the tempo thing (choosing bpm)in renoise works

isent it a little different from other more conventional sequencers??

The unholy bible of tracking

thanks it-alien

earlier today i placed my order for renoise 1,9 and the back-up service,but i still wait to hear from
i have send them a message

i really hope i hear from them today

You should get a mail quite fast… if you didn’t got a mail, check your spam-folder (if you have one).
At least you should get a confirmation mail on your order.

the send me this message

Dear Vendor,

Please contact the customer as they are in need of tech support. They are having trouble with the software and the customer has notified SWREG regarding this issue. Please assist the customer with this issues and cc us on your response.

Thank you


yeees i got the conformation email,im now a renoise owner :yeah:

congrats :)

Me too. This is a completely different paradigm for me. I’ve been working in DAWs for the last five years. I do have a few specialty apps, mostly for sound design stuff and experimentation.

I LOVE the automation control. The only thing I’m having trouble with at the moment is arranging the patterns, but I’m sure I’ll get that worked out by the end of the weekend. I’ll be interested to hear how things are going for you. You’re probably way ahead of me because it took me nearly two hours to grasp the concept behind this. Once I did, it was pretty straight forward. I’m sure there’s a ton more under the surface, but at least I have enough to get going.

My Best,


year but anyway i got my registred bersion of renois,haven thaad time to install it until tommorow :yeah:

Savour the moment, open your finest bottle of champagne and invite all your friends and your closest family over. Film the event with a camera and send a copy to each of your friends who weren’t able to come over.


And welcome :)

hehe nice one,on problem thoug,theres some time when i cant get any audio out of it,have tried using the asio drivers and the directsound,but havent had much time to troubleshoot today