This Is A Great Site But...

It’s just an opinion but I think this is something that needs to be dealt with.
I’m all for it how about you? Is it in the pipeline or is it a pipedream?

Dude, what is a favicon? :blink:

Ah thx zed, I call that “page icon”. Maybe someone could iconize this from the mainpage:

I’ve attempted to create one using Mike’s small gif image here:

But all i see is a blank space of white nothing.
As well as in my windows environment as on the website.
So it probably can’t handle that little icon.

Maybe this will help (from w3schools):

Already tried 16*16, 16 colors as well, i guess PmWiki doesn’t like favicons :P

edit:nopes sorry, i had to restart my browser to make it work…
(Guess caching of FireFox isn’t everything :P)

Nice work :D

haha nice, negligible but good suggestion because i really hate the default IE icon left to that fashionable word which reads " renoise " ;)

Great ! But…
Usin’ FireFox 1.0.1 here, and i see white background square with the icon <_<
Probably it’s a bug with icon’s alpha-channel ?..
Or it’s a feature ? B)

I see you got the favicon thing working, good! But don’t you think the white box around the logo is ugly? And resizing an image down always introduces blurriness. What about the original program icons with proper alpha? I took the liberty of digging the rns exe and extracted these babies:
From Renoise 1.281. Had to run it through Microangelo because it wasn’t displaying on Firefox. No further editing done as it was already 4bit.

And in v1.5 flavor:
These are the 16x16 icons from Renoise 1.5. Why two? Because the 8bit and the 24bit one are slightly different. These I naturally converterd to 16 colors and the original 24bit one (b) also got three gray pixels added to complete the form of the R-card/slate/monolith.

What do you think?

It seems Paul did his own icon edition as you will probably notice on the board.

Yours look pretty slick as well.
I am doubting to pick Paul’s edition and stick with the general idea or use a different icon so people can see which tabs/windows relate to the tutorial and which ones relate to the main site.

And i shall wait a few days to see if there are more artists around here that can come up with an eyecandy tabloid marker.


uh ? i took yours from the wiki page and moved it into the right directory.

Anyway, Alexander M. Korn just sent me a better one - although i see no difference.

only some pixels more … B)

That’s really odd, i noticed a definate difference this afternoon.

Btw, i’ve changed the icon surroundings to give it a transparent color, else you see these differences between the various “white” ranges of colours in the address-bar.
When using transparent surroundings, the icon looks good on almost any background color that it is hovering above.


Damn :( The present icon is 2 bad… It has no © symbol and blured a lot more than previous attempt…
I love Raina’s icons ! They’r alpha-channel transparent and sharp. 1.5 icon even has gradient shade. Why not to use 'em ?

They look pretty good, i’ll probably use one of those, since the documentation is 1.5 related.
Btw, the icon edition on the tutorial site is alpha-channel transparent.

you should update your firefox the current version is 1.0.3

btw the icon looks fuzzy :P