Time Streching.

just a needy question; any progress on timestreching and how it will be, if any. Wouldnt it be nice if it could be done bar-wise, time stretching from 30 to 32 length etc.

yield to my inqueries :)

Yes that would be really cool. And also that you could keep the length
AND change the pitch. Maybe the pitch thing can be done with an
effect. But a handy ‘native’ effect…
wipes drool from keyboard

Actually I just found out that I have a VST called ‘transpose’ i never used it, so i’m not sure what it does… But if its does what its named like it would be great!! :o

Anyone ever heard about this vst?

i’ve tried vst’s like it and its nothing like the real stuff, meaning where the actuall sample is converted as a sample and not in realtime. Realtime timestretching/pitching always lags, atleast on my jizzmopping computer.(p4 2.8 7xxmb ram, m-audio delta)

jizzmopping computer?? What are you talking about? I have a p3 850 +SBlive thats not even close to your equipment…

Ah too bad that VST works like that (converting samples)

Yes its true it cant retune without lag becase the VST is just being fed
“whats” played right now. I just realized that.

But a native effect on the other hand could have “lookahead”. OR maybe just,
when the “freeze” options comes that you could adjust the offset to
“synchronise” away the lag.

This would be a great feature, not just for “smurfing up” all your songs.

I just wrote an idea on timestretching in this thread, could it be of any use?

yea perhaps renoise is better to timestretch with offset because of the percentage method tho i find this quite innacurate when the sample gets long enough, so i kinda agree sagosen, would be a fancy feature but not quite what im looking for tho.

What im hoping for is an sample editor time strech button, where you get the ability to strectch a perfectly cutted sample to go on 16, 32, 48, or however many bars you want it to go over compared to the pitch and length it is on the pattern inserted. Or just compared to its actual pitch but timed towards the bpm. Or to say it simple; i want timestretch that you can control in bars not in ms.

uhm, im not sure i made much sence here.

You make perfect sense, and I agree, that would be a cool feature!

Also agree that the offset should have a LOT higher resolution. The effect should be 9xxx in stead of 09xx… :unsure:

The sample editor thingy would solve most of problems.

A cool thing would be if it also “automatically” could fill an instrument
with timestretched samples so you could make perfect chords
with any sample. :dribble:

But real timestretch might be a complex feat, as such VST plugins with
formant preservation and phase coherence often cost quite a bit.

Arboretums “harmony” plugin costs 349$ :eek:

lol, how can u even run renoise on that? Dont you ever use vsti’s?

What i meant tho was that timestretching lags on my computer not vst/i’s in general. :)

Even be4 vsti’s or vst’s existed for trackers, we could make good music.
I have a shiteload of quality samples, from synths to fx… I only need 1 or 2 vsti’s in a track. :D Samples are way easier to control in Renoise.

Vst’s on bypass when composing, vst’s enabled when rendering to wav. I use other progs for mixing and mastering with vst’s like T-racks DX, PSP vintagewarmer, etc,

So have no real probl with a pIII, but still i would like to have more vst’s running when i use renoise.

On the subject of “time stretching”

Does anyone know a VSTi sampler that can do both pitch, and time shifting.

I have excellent strumming guitar samples 4 bars each.

In Cmaj Emin and Fmaj :guitar:

With such a sampler I could play any chords to any tempo. That would be really great. And you would be able to appropriate almost any sample to anything beyond that. B)

Ive done some digging around and found that VSTi Kontakt from Native Instruments does this quite nicely if any1 need something like this urgently. It doesnt sync to beats though, it just has a %-knob

kontakt can do timestretching. Though, I don’t like kontakt

Thx Tom, I missed your post. I agree with you that Kontakt is not
the smoothest software on earth. Its big, bulky, really expensive and
has a silly GUI. But thats what youve come to expect from the big
commercial brands :)

Mostly I use the 0900 command. If the sample is not too long (you have only 256 positions when you are using the 0900 command) you have a decent timestretching option for Renoise. Hopefully a DSP will be developed in the future. If it’s possible though…

i refuse to let this thread die! i want timestretching! :P

just to piss everyone off: is it so hard to use an external sound editor?


As far as I know, (but I don’t know that far) there are no plans for any timestreching in the near future.
So a timestreching feature will probably strech out on time…