Time Stretch

It would be cool if there was an easy-to-use time stretch tool in Renoise. Either as an native effect or an effect in the Sample editor. I am so tired of exporting my samples to Soundforge to stretch them.

yes,it would be nice,but i dont think the elastique pro works in renoise,or would be easy to implement

yeah !!


like the one in modplugtracker. all you need i think for a renoise timestretch is xxx% say 100-9999? and grain rate (for akai samplers this was called ‘D-time’ I think) and the big fat button ‘time stretch’ to do it.

yeah time stretch would be nice. i always liked the way it was done in kontakt.

p.s… i am posting this message from my new phone while i await my new visa in the tokyo immigration office. sweet!

yeah, pitchshift and timestretch. even if this feature ll be non realtime - ill be happy anyway.
already asked this feature at my big list of wishes.


It would be so sha-weet if it was real time though! Just another parameter, like pitch or volume (stretch slides).

Even a kinda crappy algorithm would be a good start (and as time goes by more could be added, just like selecting an interpolation method for a sample)… yeah, that eats CPU, so I guess track freezing might need to come before something like this…

… but please, think of the chil-err the possibilities!!

A cool idea would be to have an on-the-fly low-to-medium-quality algorithm for the pattern effect column, while the sample editor could feature more robust algorithms.

For the pattern editor, this may seem a bit far fetched, but here goes.
The effect could be activated by a new effect designation. Here we will call it 0Txx (I know this is out of hexidecimal range, but for the sake of explanation…). The tricky part would be figuring out a way to provide the amount of timestretching you want in hex. Perhaps the two x’s could act as multipliers? 0T54 would be 20% (54), 0T68 would be 48% (68), so on and so forth. The big problem here is that this would be totally non-standard for thinking in a tracker, and that the maximum timestretch there would be 256% (although without the multiplier idea, if standard hex conventions were followed, an FF at 128% timestretching would be rather useless).

There’s another, more confusing idea I had for on-the-fly timestretching. Perhaps there could be a meta-device linked to sample instruments that could be automated? I guess my thought would be that when a sample is triggered, it could look at the meta-device attached to it to see if it should be stretched any. Kind of a dumb idea, but just a thought.

On-the-fly stretching is good for say, rapid snare stretches, or quick, rhythmic vocal glitching where you don’t want the pitch to be altered.

While I’m thinking about it, will there be a possibility to see the “Sync” option under Instrument options receive a bit of an overhaul? A list of stretching options under here would be terrific. Sometimes drumbeats sound great with the pitch-shifted stretch, but it’d be nice to be able to use that button for more melodic things. If time-stretching algos are added to Renoise, that’d be a good place to have them, in addition to the other two places I’ve mentioned.

For the sample editor, it’d be fun to see a lot more options. One thought I had is that I had heard a rumor that Paulstretch’s algorithm will be appearing in the next version of Audacity. It’d be cool to see, I don’t know, Elastique or something for more conventional timestretching, and the Paulstretch algorithm for absolutely ridiculous texture creation.

With that ramble, time for bed.

quick edit
For those who want the link to Paulstretch, and don’t want to google it, it is http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/

if the sample offset would go in deeper detail than 00 to FF, you’d have a decent timestretcher

Decent timestretcher won’t just stretch the whole sample. It picks the places where to stretch. To retain sharp attacks, and proportional transistions. Also it smoothes out the artifacts that normally occur while doing a timestretch.

Itll be cool for having timestretching/pitchshiftin ability in Renoise.

For example:

i sampled a piano note from some jazz record, load it inside renoise, push some button like “stretch/pitch from C-3 to C-6” and it all automatically stretchin-pitchin and become and an XRNI instrument.

i think it`s a must have feature. isnt it?

even if itll be an offline (non-realtime) feat, ill be in heaven.


nearly all other audio software today,has a timestretch feature of some kind,so yes you could say its a must have feature

i guess (without knowing)that its just a matter of figuring out how to implement it and how it should work

nice 1 vadarfone!
what kind of phone did you get?

my opinion on this topic, is to either allow different speeds on tracks, Or movable loop points!
(both have been said i know)
use to do the movable loop point stretches on my akai so1 to get_really_long stretches. the other great things about that so1 was the fine edit (start fine & end fine) this is often a feature i miss in renoise. the whole fine edit would be in the sample view that would be 4 buttons the direction thing pad (updownleftright) that moved the highlighted loop point left or right when pressing up or down and select the loop point with up or down or vice versa. then you take all the functionality of how to actually do all that, and link it to an effect number with it’s own speed!. dothemovablelooooooooooooooooooooooopppppppppoiiiiiiiiintstretttttttttttttttttttttchchchchachacha!

then when yer playing live and have the instrument autoselect on you can switch to the sample view and press the direction thing pad (updownleftright) and get sttttttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrreeeeettttttttttchchchchchedddddd, both backwards and forwards.
would sound crazy like bullet time/light speed with sound.

good idea.


Yeah, time strech fonction like beatcreator or Fl Studio.
After time streching option Renoise was the best software samplig forever…

yes please i want a high quality time strech fx please… :w00t:

Give me low quality timestreching or give me death. I want GRAINY, GRANULAR MAYHEM!!! FADE IS FOR WIMPS!!!

:o so it seems like i don’t have to search for the timestretch button any longer… :P
it’s not hidden anywhere…

this is also a must have feature for me…
doesn’t have to be realtime, just an addition to the pitch button in the sample editor
would be more than nice…

wouldn’t this be a feature worth a 2.0 release ;)

I want an 0SXX

+1…as long as it can do that really cool oldskool pitchshifting like those old jungle records…that shit is dope and is underused nowdays.

Yes pls +2 for a mate’s sake too :)

Timestretch & pitchshift !!


this would be awesome!!! :w00t: