Time Stretching Process On Renoise?

Hi to all,

first to write I try to search if there is on the tutorial page under “stretch or time stretching” and nothing result. I use wavelab or soundforge to stretched my samples, but would be really cool if there is an option more fast like in acid or ableton or cubase etc where the sample it’s stretched automatacally, without do the process with the support of external digital editing software.


…been searching for this too :):slight_smile: If a process function for offline plug-ins was added, then there would be no need to program it to renoise itself. We could just do the stretching using any good 3rd party stretcher plugin.

hmm. judging by both you guys join dates i dont know if i can help ya.
tho, i do know that you could use a 3rd party plug by just adding it to the chain then in the sample editor hit the process dsp effects.

the only ‘good’ 3rd party plug i know of is melodyne. the others seem to add artifacts and strange resonances. its possible there are others that are better but i dunno.

Have you tried using the Sample Properties “Sync” option? It automatically stretches / shrinks the sample to fit into the specified number of lines. Is this the sort of thing you’re after?



thank you man! it’s f****in awesome! from witch version of renoise exist this option? I never seen this…
I was asking myself… maybe if I ask in the forum some genious can reply me !
I was really tired to work with wavelab and did new samples and busy more space in my hardisk just to change the bpm of my samples! :yeah:

beatsync changes the bpm of a sample, but also the pitch.

i also would like this option
i used to use acid and that was one of my favorite ways to mess with sounds.

just for my personal knowledge is the correct term…

time stretching?

meaning changing the pitch with out changing the length of the sample?

formant pitch shifting or just ‘pitch shifting’

is what you were looking for.

you can do this with renoise too. using only the 09xx effect command.

what you do is place a 0900 on first row then a 09ff on the last row.
-make sure you have ‘Column’ selected in the ADV Editor.

then with the cursor in that column use a linear interpolate.

this will give you an exact set of pointers. to use to determine where you are at coresponding to the track and the sample.
then you just play with what pitch you want by putting a note in every row.

if you do not get the desired shift you can also cut the sample into smaller even pieces.
then using the instruments tab make a kit.
using the aforementioned techinique does not require using the 09xx command.

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sounds kinda complicated.
im not used to working with those type of commands.

i know its something i need to get a grasp of… so i am going to try hard to implement this technique.
if their are any tutorials available please let me know.

thanks for your help bro.
much appreciated

Here’s a very quick-n-dirty example I made a while ago for another thread



Doing things this way can be a bit more work, but it’s usually pretty fun to play around with, and it doesn’t hurt to try!