is it possible to display timecode? i see the time in mins:secs but i would appreciate milliseconds and maybe samples too. i knew there was some vst plugin for pc but now i’m on mac :]

Currently the time-code only supports time since start of the song and time left to end of the song (click on the clock)

[s]Ledger made a tool, Transport Stats, that measure time in bars and beats.
It’s for 2.7, but I’m pretty sure it could be upgraded to 2.8 with no problem?

[/s]Doh, strike that. I was assuming you wanted bars and beats, not milliseconds

So you want to display the clock in LTC format? You’d also need to be able to designate a framerate… timecode ends with frame number, not miliseconds or samples, btw. I think you might need to research what you’re asking for as it sounds like you just want finer granularity with the time counter, not to display timecode

why would you want counters on your screen that move to fast for the human eye?? milliseconds, really?

If you synchronize music to video footage, milliseconds is a highly valuable information source for that.

That’s a really interesting take, although of course you would have to hook up renoise as a rewire slave or something to have another program running in sync that actually know shit about video! It’s a shame though that in Renoise you can’t just ‘frame skip’ one sub-line (delay column value) back or forth in time…
Syncing video to an existing song is another thing of course…

true, but any synchronization of music to video footage would typically be done in a more appropriate application, like say an NLE, not a DAW.
But hey i’m all for it if renoise steps in to blur those lines. One of the features I’ve always dreamed of is a tracker approach to the timeline in an NLE, so you could load video files in a QT wrapper that can be triggered identically to the way everything else can be triggered in the pattern editor…

Yeah i know, i only give a good reason why time-code could be a functional thing. there must be at least one obvious reason else this topic would not exist.

you are absolutely right, you made me feel ashamed :]

yep, this is what i want. i recieved text file with exact sync points in m:s:ms. i guess i’ll try to rewire renoise with other app then. thanks, guys.

Don’t like resurrecting old threads, but I thought this might be useful to someone.

If you want SMPTE timecode to work with Renoise on Linux, you can use JACK and xjadeo (or qjadeo, which is the graphical interface). You can have the SMPTE timecode displayed over the video. You just need to set up Renoise so that the lines per beat relate to your frame rate. Then, whenever you move to a new line, you move to the next frame, or half frame, or 5 frames, or whatever you want.

I’m guessing there’s a similar way to do this on a Mac, or on Windows. You just need a small timecode enabled video player that can connect to something that connects to Renoise. I bet OSC is a possibility somehow, too.

Oh, and I use a package called kdenlive which allows you to print SMPTE timecode over the video. So you could do that beforehand, and then you only need a video player to sync to Renoise (i.e. what you sync to Renoise could be something like VLC, capable of playing frame by frame, instead of xjadeo).

A trick for manipulating video in AE with Renoise is to make a designated track where you use very short samples to tell the video editor where to trigger stuff. You convert this track into keyframes, the equivalent of automation points, which can be used to control anything as precisely as possible.