Timing Precision In Repeated Midi Notes

It seems that Renoise won’t properly record a series of 16th notes played on the same key of a MIDI controller at, say, 90 BPM. It cuts out all of the “Note Off” events if the next Note On comes too quickly–even when it’s a delay of, what, 12ms? (If we allow the gap of a 32nd note in between a “note off” and “note on” event, at 90 BPM there are 720 32nd notes per minute, or 12 32nd notes per second, so 12ms for for the space between 16th notes. Or something.)

This happens when quantize is off, of course.

I’ve quadrupled the pattern and tried with a lines per beat count of 16, and then it does work the way it should. (I tried an LPB of 8 before, but that did not work.) Is that the only solution in this situation? I don’t like having to work with the LPB that high, if it’s just for one thing. Recording at 16 LPB and then switching back to 4 LPB and shrinking the pattern just causes it to lose the “note off” events again.

I’ve also tried changing the “ticks per line” song option to 16, and that didn’t help. Nor did lowering my audio buffer, nor disabling/enabling plugin delay compensation.

I suppose it could be my MIDI controller (M Audio Oxygen 49) but it works in other hosts, e.g. REAPER.

This is with the 2.8 release candidate, Windows 7 x64.

It occurs to me, upon reflection, that this happens for a pretty obvious reason: with 4 LPB, one 16th note takes up one row. A note-off event simply has nowhere to fit in between two 16th notes, hence it gets overriden by the next note-on.

I can think of two ways to change this behavior. First, when chord mode is enabled, move the next note-on to the next column over if it detects a collision with a note-off. Second alternative: if such a collision is detected, automatically add a “Cut after X ticks” command, either to the panning column or to the effects column.

Or is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance.

(Also, should I have posted this in the beta subforum? This doesn’t seem like an issue specific to the beta; either way, maybe it should be a feature request, not a bug.)

I’d change the sample behavior. Maybe use different sample properties and duplicate the sample. I always think in terms of audio results. NNA and envelopes should do the trick. However if youre controlling a VST synth-you may need the actual data

Yeah, this was happening with a VSTi, unfortunately.

Unfortunately when one veers out of certain styles, the limitations of the grid representation in its current form can rear it’s head. fwiw some advanced renoise users work with a high number of LPB - look up hitori tori’s youtube videos or Venetian snares’s vache video. I tend to work with 16 LPB myself. Unfortunately some aspects of the workflow break down when you use renoise like this - quantization options become almost useless and pattern navigation tends to be more annoying (changing step size is only useful for entering notes and doesn’t help when moving up in the pattern). I’d be interested if anyone has any tricks for this style of working with renoise, particularly with pattern navigation.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is much you can do with recording.

There is a Note Cut command, which will cut after x Ticks (yes ticks still exist.) Cx in Pan or Vol column.

I have a feeling these are never (??) recorded when making a recording from MIDI. They should be added if resizing patterns I thought though, so if you recorded it LPB=16 and had a note on every line then you would have notes across four columns with delay values (00, 40, 80, C0) and C3 in each Pan or Vol column (assuming the standard Ticks=12.)

If the default Shrink/Expand does not do it maybe the Pattern Resizer Tool does??

They were in older revisions but this has been changed for a good reason (since the multilayer edition or perhaps even around 2.6), but i forgot the reason.

Perhaps because there’s no way to tell the effect which note was cut if there’s more than one note in a track…?

Hmmm, doesn’t look like the Pattern Resizer tool works any better.

Ah well, thanks for your replies, everyone.

You know what might be an amazing solution? The ability to change your “zoom” level: that is, say you set your LPB to 16, but you want to work at a LPB of 4, the “zoomed out” view would only display every 4 lines, perhaps with some kind of special marker to indicate spots where there is data “between the rows”. I may submit that as a feature idea, if it hasn’t been proposed before.

Search the forum for: pattern zoom :)

This thread in particular has some great ideas:

Cx in the Pan or Vol only works on the single Note in that Note Column (each Note has Vol, Pan and Delay columns), we’re not talking the 0Cxx Pattern Effect Command.

Ah, of course, thanks. Well, I bumped another thread about it, which does in fact link to that one, but has, I think, a simpler proposal.

my bad, no idea then…