Toggle Follow In Sequence Editor

This just occurred to me:

If Renoise was able to toggle the sequence editor “follow”, just like pattern follow is an option

See the renoise WIKI for a description of the sequence editor on this page.

What I am suggesting is that the sequence editor mimics the behaviour of the pattern editor. I find it really useful to be able to stop pattern follow, and create/edit song data while playing. So basically I want to take this functionality and transfer it to the sequence editor…

A small (yet important) difference is that whenever the user toggles btw. “follow”, and “non-follow” mode, the song playback change only when the current pattern reach it’s end.

Benefit#1: You would be able to “jump” to another part of the song while the song was playing (this was previously suggested by me as a seperate feature).

Benefit#2: You would be able to copy parts and data from an entirely different location in the song while playing the song (to do this, just disable both the pattern- and sequence-follow). Currently, only song data from the current pattern is accessible.

Useful for LIVE sessions/jamming? Tell me what you think…


sounds good to me

This feature request keeps coming back regularly but I guess renoise development doesn’t believe it’s useful.

I also suggested this a while back, would help me a lot.

yes, i used to like this feature in impulse tracker as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, what’s left to be said? I agree - for me it’s a step in the right direction. I liked the feature in Impulse and I’m sure I will do that in Renoise as well, if it’s implemented. If there’s a negative aspect, I’m not sure I can find it.

Well, I’ll keep hoping. :)

1 up for ‘disable pattern follow in sequence editor’. it would help a LOT when writing songs with longer audiofiles.


I didn’t mean to sound disrespectful, Sorry that it came out this way.