Toggle Note Track Mute States

Written on request:

1720 com.renoise.Mute_note_tracks_V1.xrnx
If you want to trackeffects to trail out, make sure the default mute mode in the plugin/misc preferences is set to “Off”:

Note:In the image it is set to Mute as it is the default setting (and the only picture on our manual site).

thanks vV, you rule :D
works exactly how I pictured it.

Maybe not everyone fancy or knowing what it does, yet. But you can use it to do some real cool spooky magic live effect :yeah:
Went straight from zero to my top5 RenoiseTools.


I am not really want to post this on the tools page yet:
With a little gui and some automatic generated track knobs one could create mute groups.
But frankly, i’m then dubbing Duplex in some manner.
Be it that you don’t necessarily need a midi controller in this case.

I think you are onto something good here!

Isn’t there Mixer (Snapshot) Tools that already allows this to be done?

for example yes, haven’t inspected this one too close yet.
Would already make this tool oblivious. (nevertheless it is simple to abuse for learning material)

Which tool do you mean?
Would be interested in having track-mute groups, too :)

If above feature is not present in another tool, would make sense to add it here.

Mixer Utilities by Beatslaughter

another tool I have been neglecting for too long!