Toggle velocity sensitivity shortcut?

Is there a tool or script or something somewhere that would let me set a shortcut to toggle whether or not velocity is recorded from my midi controller? Sometimes I want it and sometimes I don’t. I was just going to use my computer keyboard when I don’t, but the problem with that is that I have a mechanical keyboard and it’s loud as fuck. If I’m trying to test a sound at full velocity, I can’t even hear it over the “clack” sometimes, especially if it’s a drum sample. It would be really useful to just be able to toggle whether or not velocity is recorded from midi devices.

MIDI preferences -> Record and Play Filter -> Velocities

Or do you mean exclusively by a shortcut?

Edit: if so, the Duplex keyboard might be of interest - I just changed how one of it’s features work, to accommodate this sort of thing.

Now you can choose to sync it with the keyboard velocity in Renoise (the setting in the pattern editor’s toolbar), and every note you enter via the MIDI keyboard will receive a fixed velocity.
Before it was scaling the note velocity relative to the value being input, but I think your usage case is more relevant.

…or just un-check “volume” from the content mask in the adv.edit panel?

Nope, these settings are not applied to incoming MIDI notes.

Yeah I meant by a shortcut, so I don’t have to open preferences, click a checkbox, and close preferences every time I want to toggle it.

I’m checking out Duplex now. I chose the midi-keyboard keyboard and I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. I selected my device in the “In”, and I see various settings here. Base volume is set to sync with Renoise, but changing it to 127 doesn’t seem to do anything. Velocity mode has clamp and clip and I’m not sure what those do either. I tried clip + 127 base volume but that didn’t do what I thought it might do either. And… is there a way to make a shortcut out of this once I do figure it out?