Toggle visibility of menu or transport bar

Just a simple idea…

It think it would be neat if the transport bar and the menu could be hidden (two separate toggles). Their statuses would then be saved in the view presets, besides hide/view shortcuts of course.

Some reasons:

  1. I very seldom use the transport bar, but prefer shortcuts.
  2. I think it would be nice having the option to focus solely on the pattern editor without anything else moving (vu meter) and minimizing any clutter.
  3. Good for people with less screen estate?

Here is an example, combined with my idea of one more width setting for the sequence list. :) I also removed the small arrow buttons that hide/view upper and lower frame, as they seem to be redundant.

Renoise Super Hardcore Mode.

Kinda interesting :)

I’d love it

Yep, sort of like F8 preset in 2.8 definately nice to have))

I can’t stop thinking how awesome this would be as a vst tracker with midi out ( yes I know about revisit )

I like this idea. It’s a bit like like Writeroom text editor, which looks like terminal window (no gui elements), to help you focus on the words you are writing without distraction :)

I like it (and it reminds me of Post #8 in this thread)

I like this idea too.

Do you think it might be useful to have the pattern loop indicator still visible somewhere though?
That element is about the only part of the transport I need to know about. Maybe it could be a small icon in the border somewhere.

Another critical info, in my view, is the current instrument. That could also be put into the border we see at the top and bottom of your screenshot.

I can’t think of anything else from the periphery of the main edit window that I generally need to know during the majority of normal usage.

This would be excellent!
The only info I would need as well is the current instrument.

Pfft. No match to ULTRA Hardcore Mode - editing the song.xml in Vim. :D

Perhaps Renoise could be ran as an SQL server, all song data being stored in tables. We could build our own interfaces in any framework we’d like - the GUI just being a client. One fixed system table could be used for triggering common functions.

Sorry… being a bit too radical, but I thought it was a funny idea :)

I believe there are a plethora of sql and sqlite server software packets where you can communicate with. The Lua environment supports socket communication so you could theoretically send SQL messages across a tcp connection and have your database stuff being done.
(speaking about a music collab sharing idea, using a central SQL/SQLite database is not a bad idea)