Tone Matrix In Renoise?

check this out - fun little online app:

how about integrating one of these into renoise? B)
definitely gets the creative flow going.

Damn I love it, and I would double love it renoise! Isn’t there a Vsti like this somewhere?

Something like this is indeed very fun. I first saw this on the nintendo ds, and it does other interresting stuff as well:

I am now Charly “Steve Reich” Linch :D:smiley:

There are loads of VST like this
It’s just a 16 step sequencer
Only problem is that Renoise has no way of recieving MIDI from plugins (Very sorely missed feature especially now Catanya has been released) so you would need to use one that has a built in synth




Ha very nice :)

Damn thing is pentatonic though, grrr…


yeah, i’d like to hear someone make something EVIL with this… :P

anyway - an app like this - WITH full scale / half-notes, could be a really fun addition in renoise.
external VSTs are of course an option, but i’d love to sequence stuff this way also with basic samples.
it would be similar to the idea of “create a random pattern”, but this is just way more intuitive :)