Tool access to copy paste buffer / plugin fixer tool


since vendors might change their plugin identifier over time, or better say only the executable name, not the identifier in the Info.plist, Renoise regularly driven me mad, forcing me to fix a ton of plugin ids. For example, lately tal removed the “_x64” from all executables… You might imagine what kind of torture I gone thru!

That’s why I really would like to program a small tool, (since you the developers do not seem to have an intention to fix this problem) which looks into a table with common executable / plugin identifer changes and then tries to either auto-fix the song after loading event, or providing at least a context menu on the dsp “replace identifer”.

For this kind of tool, I would need access to:

  • The copy / paste buffer. This also would make tools possible which are compatible for multi instancing of Renoise. Pretty handy I think…

  • Read/write access to the identifier of each track device, and to the preset data

Is this already possible, or could you add this to the API?
It would save me a lot of headaches, and also would make transferring songs mac <-> windows a bliss.

… Seriously, I feel like my post above will motivate nobody (again) :sweat_smile: Well, maybe it should be then a commandline tool called “renoisefixer”.

renoise-fixer -r --fixids --fixmix ./

Maybe helpful as a starting point? TBH i haven’t run this in a looong time, no idea if it still works. Not a tool but a simple Terminal script for Renoise.

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