Tool for phrase mapping

If I 've learnt Lua and Renoise API already, i’d like to do tool for mapping phrases to keys pressed on midi keyboard. There might be a checkbox if phrase belong to one key or you’d like to press one and other to set its range…

As new phrase starts for all keys (maybe i’m wrong but i feel like it has changed since the 1st beta), i found somehow slow to scroll and resize the range and difficult to move one-key mapped phrase as its selection handle is just one pixel wide (!) for move in both directions, so you have to aim with mouse perfectly or drag one side then another (2x more clicks) - maybe resizing of piano could help. Or am i missing something?


Yes, let’s increase the size to 2 pixels

Seriously, I find this frustrating too. But, if zooming is a bit too much to ask, perhaps we could have keyboard shortcuts for the following things:

  • Increase size
  • Decrease size
  • Move to left
  • Move to right

Any of these actions are performed only if possible. I.e. you can’t expand a phrase beyond a certain size…