Tool Idea ( Punch In )


If anybody is bored, and needs some inspiring tool idea… I think, “Punch In,” would be a great tool… If its possible. I do not know how it would be possible, but it would definitely be a cool tool.


Like this?

Interesting… but how would you blend that with a previously recorded sample… Say I have 16 bars, and I do not like the way a quater note sounds on the 3rd beat of bar 11… can I use this tool, to re-record that single note?

Maybe I have to read the instructions again, when I am little more awake. I’ve downloaded it, I’ll check it… You think it will do this? hmmm… interesting


Haven’t used it in a long time and not sure if it exactly does what you want, but it provides a way to automatically clone selected patterns enabling you to overdub while recording.

Hi Djeroek,

This is a wicked little tool, that clones patterns. For eg, if you have created 1 bar of drum n bass, and you want that to auto-clone, while you layer some keyboard… This is the tool to do it!! This is an awesome tool. I’m glad you linked it, cause I totally needed this. I just can’t believe somebody came up with this, its a brilliant tool.

As for Punch In/Out, I believe this has not yet been done in a Tool. But it would be so awesome!! If we had it.

But what would it look like? you can’t really change the audio stream from the tool code… Only thing you could do is make it “easier” somehow to automate a gainer effect…
For this ‘punch in/out’ to really work, Renoise needs just more the idea of a global timeline/automation view. I’m not gonna say piano roll. But… A separate mainscreen where one can view multiple automation lanes, of multiple tracks, fx, params, yeah, would be nicer than nice.

I understand what your saying Cas, so from a tool standpoint it’s a bit improbable…,

Your suggestions are very nice


Is the API responsive enough for Punch In/Outs?

It runs in the GUI thread, not the Audio one.
It would need to track playback position with perfect line accuracy (what Notifier?)
Additional overheard from above check??

Something might be possible to hack together that works to some extent but still hope a native solution will be forthcoming soon…

I requested this in 2008!!!

My friends brother is a professional musician, and was over. He’s used to logic (I think). But he was explaining that he doesn’t even have to hit RECORD anymore. He just plays out riffs, and if he happened to do something he likes he can press a button. Then Logic takes those notes (that it wasn’t supposed to be recording) and can map them out, OR can even map them out quantized. Basically, making it so you never lose ANYTHING.

Playing into Renoise is by far one of it’s biggest functionality weaknesses. Fortunately for me, I can’t play worth crap so I don’t need to use it that much, but I would absolutely love something like what he described to me the other day. Imaging looping a pattern, messing around, and realizing you just came up with a good idea. Hit stop, tell it you want to paste in everything you just did (and even if you want it to quantize). Never lose an idea again!!

And I doubt you were the first to request it as a native function either! Which is still really where it belongs, working flawlessly and properly integrated…

Yes yes yes to all this