Tool request: tap to assign

Hi people!

I’ve had this idea itching my brain for some time, and now I consider it mature enough to come to life. Shame I couldn’t find the time to sit and learn to code in lua. Or to code at all… :stuck_out_tongue: here it goes:

Tap to assign (or press to asign, or tap key to assign…)

This tool would let you assign the selected sample in Sampler view to a midi note just by running it and pressing the desired note in your midi keyboard (or the QWERTY keyb if possible). So the thing would go like:

select sample; run tool (via menu entry or keybinding); tap note; done

That would be for the core functionality.

From this simple idea there are other 2 that comes to my mind. To have the possibility of setting a sample range by pressing first the note associated to the lower limit and then the upper limit, and to have the tool following the selected sample as it remains open and the selection changes (pretty much like danoise’s XRNI-Merger when you select another instrument), so you don’t have to be opening a menu or pressing a key combination every time.

(I have yet to think about what to do with the root note :D)

What do you think??


I like it. I’ll work on it.

Here you go.

Go ahead and post in that thread to let me know how it works for you.

hey! thanks a lot :smiley: