Tools for drawing single cycle waves

I wonder if anyone knows of an editor with easy to use tools that enables you to draw high precision single cycle waveforms?
Scipting/coding is not what i’m looking for as i don’t have time or patience for learning that stuff.

Some graphical vector freeware would be the shit! :dribble:

These are all i need/use - Best of all they are free :dribble:
AKWF Single Cycle Waveforms

I’ve used my fair share of AKWF, now i want to make my own. :)

Overtune :P

I wished renoise natively had better options for waveform drawing or at least a basic waveform generator.

Have you taken a look at DIN is Noise yet? Apparently it allows you to draw bezier Waveforms, but I have really no idea how that program actually works:

There is a Renoise tool for that: New Tool (2.8): Custom Wave Generator written by IT-Alien.

It works so well (apart from little snags, like overwriting samples in your instrument) that I think it would makes sense to bundle it with Renoise.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with Renoise 3 though…

Thanks for the replies guys, looks like DIN is Noise is 50$ away from beeing exactly what i’m looking for. I’ll check out the trial to see if it’s worth it. :)

Don’t think there are any restrictions to the trial version apart from “please buy it if you like it”. I just tried it out and it’s not really usable as a mere waveform editor since it seems you can’t export anything. It’s basically just a very weird (albeit very interesting) synthesizer…

Well, you could use any synth for waveform generation by using “Render to Sample” function in the instrument. It is clunky, compared to CWG, but it is the next best option.

I remember abusing demo version of Massive this way (it allows to run for half an hour for free) for quite some time before getting a license for it.

Yes, but unfortunately this only works with plugin instruments and not with standalone software that is somehow routed back into renoise.

I think you are making your own life complicated-- there are tons of free VST synths that would do the job of recording a simple waveform just fine.

You also can always use sample record facility to record pretty much anything that you hear from your speakers.

I don’t work with waveforms a lot myself, I just thought a waveform generator/drawing helper would be a nice-to-have (native) feature in
renoise (like e.g. Milkytracker has it) to get things going quickly. Of course I can still use Audacity to create Waveform samples and just import them into renoise.

Being able to capture instruments from LineIn return would be great for other reasons, especially on Linux.

I have recently opended a thread on this topic specifically. Of course I could record everything seperately with “record sample”, but when resampling a synth like Yoshimi/ZynSubAddFx, that is not available as a plugin, this is not really a viable option.

I don’t like VST synths, especially not now with the powerful new instrument features. I’ve been working on designing instruments the past few days and i realize i can get away with the hand draw tool for now. Here are some of the instruments i created if you’re interested: [3.0] [XRNI] RetroNoise

Excellent examples, keep at it.

For some reason i’ve found when making longer samples i end up with a somewhat less crisp or what i should call it, but i don’t really know what i’m doing most of the time, i just do it untill i think it sounds allright. :P
Thanks for the tips though, i’ll dig a bit deeper into that. Usually the small pitch changes doesn’t bother me much, but i’ll definately have a lot to learn in this area.
I have no idea how i bind the soften key to a macro (outside of renoise) that would repeat over and over again. You can even keep softening while your drawing, slowly shaping your wave into what you want though. :huh:

ive wondered about this before, by looking at akwf’s page he set his cycles to 600 samples as that is 44100/fD2===44100/73.4162=~600…therefore if you want a single cycle @ C4…44100/261.626=~168.6

Ive put together a Puredata patch for drawing single cycle waveforms…it calculates how many samples per cycle you need and changes the internal size of the array that is used for drawing…you select sample rate (96000 or 44100) , note and octave. You can then save it too a 16bit 44100 wav file for importing into renoise. Instructions are within the patch…Dont know if you use PD or not, even if not, using this patch is simple.

Edit: Ive just updated the patch so you can use it just as a calculator if you want to do your drawing in renoise.

You can draw samples in OpenMPT.

You also have a draw-mode in the sampler of Renoise.
The line drawing option though, is not present in Renoise.