Tough question / mission impossible?

So I was at a music shop today, and experienced a lil bit of the awesome Maschine controller. As I have no money at the moment, I’m wondering if it would be possible to emulate in Renoise how easy it is on the maschine to switch between ‘keyboard’ and ‘instruments’ pad modes. I’ve only got a 8 pad controller from Akai (sitting on the MPKmini), but I could set every pad to another channel. Would it be possible to implement in Renoise that every instrument reacts to another channel, easily?
As I’m typing this up I realize it might not even need scripting so whatever happens if I figure it out I’ll keep you all posted.

answer. It’s not possible simply like that on the MPK to have different pads send different channels notes. Too bad.
(aka: I’ll have to resort to some kind of puredata midi-mediator patch or sth to get the wanted behaviour.)
(aka: I’m saving up for Maschine, but thanks anyway!)

It seems the Duplex Keyboard application could probably accomplish something like this. How, you ask? Not sure, I answer. But check out under the ‘Using the keyboard’ -chapter, the paragraph starting with ‘Furthermore…’.