Track Command Lock For Midi Data.

Not sure how to describe this, and not at home at the moment, so cannot take screenshots.

It would be nice if you could lock down the commands in the pattern editor per track.

An example of this is, when jamming with the midi controller, the pitch modulator is recorded as well, and then on another take or edit, I may just slide one of my knobs to adjust reverb/delay or whatever.

But the delay data sometimes overwrites existing data, or it gets muddled up.

It would be nice to assign a midi data to each command channel

So if I assign Reverb Wet Output to KNOB1 on my MIDI keyboard, I’d like to lock that knob to Track 1 (command track1)

Sorry, not sure on all the correct names, it’s where you enter your note retrigger/portamento commands and such.

Hope I’m not the only one that wants this, apologies if it’s already covered some place else.

What you want is to be able to lock an Effects Column to a particular CC (MIDI Automation Device fader) value.

At least I think that’s what you mean.

I really, really need to sleep more, because when I wrote this post earlier “effect column” didn’t even register in my mind, and I’ve been tracking since '94

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was trying to say! :expressionless:

I just got home now, semi awake, did a few tess, even if my cursor is placed in effect column 1,2,3,4 - no matter which, it still puts everything in the first column. And if I already have data there, it is replaced.

After a while it becomes a huge mess, with sustain/pitch mod and others all jumbled into one column, very frustrating if you actually need to go back and edit things.

Would also be helpful if one could label them.

This was recently reported for recording using the right mouse button, assume it’s the same for MIDI then. Didn’t see it in the B6 Bug Fixes list so guess it’s still there. Let’s hope it can be worked on for 2.7 as it obviously isn’t desired behaviour! (Just using an empty row/column or rewriting over the same effect value for this release, full locking to a column maybe something for the future…)

EDIT: Here’s the other thread:

kazakore, great to hear, thanks!