Track/instrument Relationship

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I was just reading this:…andy-free-tool/

…and this was said by Dac Chartrand:

This is exactly what has been tripping me up while trying to learn Renoise. For example, I’ll put a vsti in instrument slot 1, and fool around, then put a different vsti in instrument slot 2, but column 2 != instrument slot 2. Can someone possibly explain how this all works for me, or point me to some doc? I’m no idiot, but sometimes the simplest things escape me and have to be explained slowly, so if you have “understanding track/instrument relationships in Renoise for dummies” that would be great. :P

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Check out this thread:

It’s where I (Dac) stole the quote from. Haha.

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Wow, that’s great, thanks for the help!