Tracker Commands

I think Renoise could use a “bar loop command (sb00-sbxx)” like Octamed and Impulse tracker has.
A good place to put is at the Master track so that its separate and out of the way of everyones workflow.
as well as a dedicated “retrigger” and “multiply ticks” column for the tracks. yeah:
I love commads.
the more the merryier!!!

peace out!!

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Wow this request was made almost 20 years ago and no one has paid any attention to it.

I recently discovered schismtracker which is a emulation of impulse tracker and i, too, believe that bar-loop would be wonderful, but i guess my biggest issue is, why has Renoise never attempted to provide the same functionality that brought most users to want to use trackers in the first place? I can listen to Machinedrums “Bidnezz” Album (Impulse Tracker) or Aphex Twin’s “Drukqs” Album (PlayerPro) and hear all kinds of functionality that Renoise doesn’t have.

Why does Renoise not want to accommodate this?

What does the “bar loop” command actually do? We have block loop if you want it, Rxx, ZKxx, etc.
I might suggest that it’s not the software that’s more limited, but the composer. Perhaps you don’t know renoise as well as aphex knew protracker!
I listen to drukqs and I hear tracker techniques all over it, but nothing that sounds impossible in renoise

Could you please be specific in what functions you would like.Btw I too would like more commands,bar loop would be good,jump to next pattern I’d like and highlight xx lines too.In terms of functionality be specific and suggest it,the developers do listen and add requests albeit incredibly slowly.

You can already jump to next pattern with ZBxx, no?
A flexible line highlight command would be cool

Can you???I did not know that

I believe so, never tried it lol :upside_down_face:
But I think the xx in ZBxx let’s you even select which line you want to jump to
Oh wait, I have fucked with it a little. Pretty useful in conjunction with ZDxx…

Very interesting take … this is the bar loop command … you set the command start position, stop position and how many times it should repeat.

So far, the closest thing I’ve found is the ZB (pattern break), which automatically sends you to a specific line on the next track which is not what bar-loop is at all, but hey … who knows … maybe I don’t know Renoise as well as I think. Please Please Please guide me good sir.


Oh yeah, that’s dope as hell. We should totally have that… @taktik please?
You could do something similar with ZBxx across multiple patterns, but it would definitely be a much bigger hassle. I think the easiest way to do something similar in renoise would be to split patterns off into smaller patterns, make multiple repeats, then rejoin the patterns using command option K and command option J

But yeah, now I want that too :grin:

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Oh … So, it was the software after all … and not just that Aphex Twin is better than me?

Maybe save roasting people for AFTER you understand what they’re talking about next time. While you are a super duper ultra mega musical and technical genius, you still have the ability to not know everything.


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Well, both can be true lol…
But yeah, mea culpa, please accept my apologies. I didn’t know about that command and was having a hard time finding anything about it.

We can do some quite similar glitching on the sample level using the new tool from ulneiz here:
New Tool (3.4.3) Paste Sample Selection v1.0 build 002 (October 2023)
Resampling a pattern and using this could achieve the same result pretty easily

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I appreciate this. Thank you for posting that.

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I mean I guess this is okay … it’s not really a loop at all, but I guess you can get something close…almost

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You tried all 3 commands? One of them appends the selection immediately after, you could build up an identical effect this way pretty easily if you resample the pattern and set snap to 16ths or whatever you need. Then all you’d need to do would be to change your pattern length to accommodate the new sample length

I didn’t see that … hold on

it’s a pretty good tool for glitch effects

you could also automate a repeater dsp on the master track for a similar effect

Okay see what you’re saying. This is a lot of work for the composer when the Devs could just implement bar-loop… yunno? … But I guess this is best there is for now. Hopefully they implement it.

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yeah, i hope so too! looks like a great command

you know renoise, there’s usually a workaround or three in the meantime

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Also miss this command, it sounded good; used the FT2 version E60 (start) E63 (loop it 3 more times).