Trackers As Hardcore Gamers

just wondering if I’m alone here in option A, and if so, by how far am I separated? :)

I took option C, i’m currently waiting for Elder Scrolls 4 to be released, but a good ego shooter between will do. I even play Worms over the net with some friends. B)

casual gamer. since my last windows re-install (it’s been quite a while) i haven’t installed one game here.

I think I must’ve played civ2 for at least 3 solid years by now…

having said that I am still not quite sick of it, its got a replayability quality not dissimilar to chess. Hey, if you’re ever up for some civ2 multiplayer, you have my email address bantai :)

spent a while in competitions for the original battlefield, but thats the only shooter I touch…most are so repetitive…

Yeah that was a good time. I liked Desert Combat.

Most FPS are pretty mediocre these days.
Far Cry is still my pick for overall best recent FPS.
FEAR was entertaining but monotonous at times, Q4 felt hacked together and dumbed down for console gamers, and didn’t really pick up steam to me until after the lame vehicle parts.

Id games are now pretty much graphics engine demos with a retread story.

The latest Civ is very good, however it can really put an ass whoopin on min. spec. systems.

Theres supposed to be some game in the works, and I cannot remember the name of it, where you guide a creature from a single cell along it’s evolutionary path and get to choose how it develops all while competing with other organisms for survival.

Can anyone remind me what it’s called?

no idea, but that sounds like it has some great potential

I don’t know if I need help, but I have this unnatural fetish for the Ratchet and Clank series on the PS2. They are so well done.

I’m still playing Starcraft quite often since 1998 :)
I don’t play anything else though…

I spent countless hours playing Diablo 2 and then I moved to Quake 3, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. I played ET competitevly for a while and I just gave it up. I prefer to play fighting games on consoles like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken, Dead or Alive, etc., but nobody will ever play me. f****in’ cunts! :D

I’ve always loved gaming but I gradually have less and less time for it as the complexities of adult life get in the way.

I recently put together a wicked new system though, so naturally I’ve had the urge to see what it can really do. So inbetween working my day job, programming in my spare time and trying to maintain a rudimentary social life, I’m currently playing:

Half Life 2 (For the 3rd time now. 2nd time playing it through on difficult)
Far Cry (A bit old now but I never had a good enough machine before)
Serious Sam 2 (Pretty silly but great mindless shoot-em-up action)

I’m not a total FPS-head, heh. This just happens to be what I have installed at the moment. I’d like to check out some cool high-tech / futuristic adventure games too. I checked out Moment of Silence a while ago but didn’t bother finishing it. Very nice graphics and everything but the control system was a bit infuriating and I wasn’t that interested in the story.

I remember years ago watching my friend play games like Bloodnet and Beneath a steel sky on the Amiga. I would have been playing them myself but I didn’t have an Amiga and couldn’t find any copies for my Atari STe, so I simply sat with my friend while he played, with me shouting “go over there! click on that thing! over there! no there!”.

Any recommendations for similar stuff on PC? Doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new, something that’s a few years old is fine as long as it’s cool and interesting.

I chose the last option, although at least once in a year I play Descent 3… Usually, if I am not tracking, I am working on websites or I cut some videos. Most of my freetime is spent on working with my good old technics record-players.

I used to be an hardcore gamer, but since I’ve started with trackers (1993), my spare time has been more and more consumed by tracking.

Work and other hobbies completely made me forget about videogames, and now I quite hate them, because I find them to be too passive.

I also wonder where people find the time to play with videogames… ?!

I’m a platformer-man by heart, can still pick up Super Mario Bros. and have an exellent time, but games like Zelda: Wind Waker (plus Adventure of Link, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina Of Time & Minish Cap), the 3 new Prince Of Persia-installments and Burnout 3/4 have stolen quite a bit of time from my hands.

Used to play Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead online quite a bit before, now it’s just once in a blue moon. Prefer gaming to passive TV any day.

Wacraft 3 by Blizzard.
i always loved blizzard games (starcraft) and if something was able to get me going, it were realtime strategy titles.
but Warcraft 3 (RoC+TFT) … oh my gosh :) … i better won’t say how much time i spent playing it… i wasn’t far away from reaching geek-status. g i was absolutely hooked.
i still play it from now and then, but no longer as ambitious as i did during 2003/2004.
but if somebody here is interested in a 1on1, i’d be up for the challenge :)

Casual SNES ROM gamer, I don’t have money to buy a graphics card
for my lappy and I don’t bother with consoles, except if there’s a new
ZELDA coming which usually means a cooperative purchase.
Got kinda hard when I moved out but we managed and are still both
hardcore ZELDA freaks for some reason… I like Secret of Mana better …

cannon fodder??? anyone? ;) was my favorite game on amiga :)

Yep, that’s it.

i’ve been pretty into gaming since i was 6. today i played need for speed hot pursuit 2 online for about 4 hours although most days i don’t have that much time to play games. most days i will spend at least an hour with my PSP (emulation and homebrew and stuff). love racing games (richard burns rally, need for speed hot pursuit), fps games (far cry, half life 2, hexen), and 3rd person melee action combat games (rune, drakan, enclave), also LOVE the Thief series, and Descent is my favourite game of all time (it’s all about the controls man)

lately it’s been all about world rally championship on my psp, and GRIPSHIFT which is an amazing game for any of you possible PSP owners out there.

hmmm, do you have a girlfriend? :lol:

I think my game playing went from avid to non-existent the moment I become accustomed to breasts. Tits and games do NOT mix.

At least my beloved better half (hi honey :unsure:) doesn’t seem to care so much when I track, as composing represents an outcome she can understand. But I’m with a girl who is a girlie-girl who has no geekism in her veins whatsoever. She wouldn’t understand why watching a little man run around the screen and blowing up things would be entertaining for more than 5 minutes.

Maybe she has a point …

is that the sound of a whip cracking I hear? :)