Tracks by TheBellows

Thought it was better to collect my tracks in one thread instead of making new ones all the time.

Let’s just start off with some more metal:

Let the NWORHM (new wave of renoise heavy metal) takeover begin!

I have been feeling a bit out of date lately so i thought i should try to be hip and modern. :lol:


I liked both songs, especially the sounds were in harmony and the rhytm was pure, keep it up! Good work, dude! :)

I liked the metal one more. Except the beats didn’t work for me at all. They sound very blurred, had no real weight to them and some really weird reverbs. Also the synth lead didn’t seem to fit and sounded a bit too plastic.

Enjoyed the music and the guitars though. Nice one.

Thanks for the comments guys! :)

emre_k: It’s not the first time i got complaints about my percussion, so you’re probably right about that. :rolleyes:
I was kinda happy with the synth sounds though, but maybe i should have colored it a bit differently, i don’t know, i really suck on judging my own production. That’s why i very much appreciates comments like yours that can lead me on the right track.

Here is another little thing that suddenly appeared in Renoise after some playing around:

I used the Old Radio, some BigBloomers and bit_arts’s EDM Pluck. Some drum loops from the sample pack Carbonthief mentioned the other day and a little bit of guitar.
I’m not really done with this one yet, i want to make some changes here and there and add some more guitar when i get it back. The guitars in the track are just some cuts from a previous session and not done properly for this track.
I have realized my mixing skills are simply so bad, so i try to rethink my methods and rid off some bad habits where i know it’s the wrong way to do it.
So i have tried to keep things uncompressed and not maximise the hell out of everything, not really shure if it improved anything though. I think the wave looks a bit more dynamic this time though, i guess that is a good sign. The drums sounds pretty good to me, but i haven’t mixed those except adding a tiny bit of reverb.
Have i done too much sidechaining perhaps?

Any comments appreciated! :D

Sounds cool, and I don’t think the mixing sounds bad per se, but it sounds like it’s lacking fullness. Hard to hear the pad, maybe that’s what it is. I don’t think the drum programming is bad, but I did find it hard to hear any drums that weren’t kick and snare, for most of the song at least. There’s some parts where the cymbals punch through better.

Anyways we should do a collaboration some time. I got the bass guitar, you got the synth knowledge.

Since you liked those drums, if you’re interested in using the raw samples and not just loops, I just posted some mappings for you:

Thanks CT, i think probably my attempt of using sidechaining on the drums, by signal following the radio, was not very successful. It definately needs some work.

I’m all in for a collab, i’ve actually had the same thought myself. You got the bass guitar and i have the…synth knowledge? I don’t really know all that much about synths to be honest, i’ve just recently started to learn a little bit about synthesis. I almost never use VSTi’s and i know little about mixing.
My strongest abilities i’d like to think are melody and ideas, maybe we can fit some of that in there too? :D

Nice, thanks! I didn’t bother to map the multivelocity samples myself yet, so that definately comes in handy.
I used the loops just for the simplicity of it, it’s more or less just a scetch. Think i’ll do a lot more work on it. I’d like to make something proper for once. ^_^

Nice tune. Some of the levels are all over the place (esp. the some of the synth sounds). Just a thought but perhaps you should try to get the raw balance right (just using volume faders) before jumping into other tools. Also I’d keep an eye on the stereo image of the sounds more - it has these brain sucking moments esp. listening through cans. Drums themselves sound ok but are low compared to the bass and some other elements imo.

The master still sounds squashed (quite noticeable when toms hit for example).

Production issues aside, I enjoyed the music.

Thanks emre_k!

Hope you’ll enjoy this one as well, i’ve been working a bit on my techniques and i’m pretty happy with it:

Any comments appreciated! ;)

Awesome stuff. Can’t help ya build an SN76489 box, sorry. But, in my mind’s eye I see a couple asm manuals for it stuck between many silver surfer comics in a blue box in the attic of my mom’s house (in god forsaken Nevada, how that happen?..). At any rate, my bro used to be on here as budkind or something and man… ya’ll should make a tune together. Whatever…

Thanks! I doubt i’ll be making a SN76489 box anytime soon anyway, think i’ll have to learn to work with digital electronics first.

This time i have mixed improvisation with tracking, in my longest track ever! :w00t:
I recorded several sessions with my homemade noise box i call Thereminion, which is basically an IR theremin with a lo-fi delay effect. Then i did a lot of editing and added some musical bits and drums.
All recorded and mixed in Renoise, only using native effects and free VSTs and VSTIs.
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s an old video i made to demonstrate the Thereminion if you’re interested:

That is so cool!

Thanks CT!

This is just the same track as in the tips and tricks, but i thought i should add it to the thread. I could never finish this one, because my computer crashed on me before i saved the track, total freeze, been getting it when i upload stuff to internet, like sound cloud and Internet Archive. :o

Here’s a silly tune with a theme from a childrens tv-show from Sweden. :lol: