Tracks I'm Digging...

:o dj hidden- empty streets

spl- death

Limewax- cracking core

arkon- rapture… f****ing anything put out!!!

evol intent vs ewun- 8 bit bitch

kryptic minds leon switch- suicide note

sick f****ing tracks!!! uuuggg! I hate when I listen to shit and wish I had made it


:drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

You’d probably enjoy this mix by my mate FuX then:…hought_Disorder

Wicked, wicked stuff. :yeah:

Just downloaded the mix- nice choices in tracks. Nice mix too. Up until recently I had been making alot of industrial and noise, but I have been doing nothing but techstep dnb since getting renoise. My whole work flow has changed- I’m having alot more fun and I think my music is sounding better and better. Thanks for the link to that mix- I’ll be tossing this one in my ipod.

Oh yeah- this is some n00b shit to ask, but does anybody have any suggestions on making reeces? I have been using absynth and alot of filter automation and distortion and resampling, but all my reeces are either too thin or eat the whole whole mix- I hear z3ta is a good synth, but it sounds too standard (anybody want to sound like pendulum?).

What’s a “reece” type sound? Can you point me to a Pendulum track that features it? I love that group. :smiley:

reece is ez, just 2 saws 1 detuned

with them running through seperate filters.
like 1 going through hp an the other through lp, deepening if you want a heavy bass assault or a lead synth style

i have quite a few albino2 presets, but im at work now :P

ps ive never heard any pendulum, i knew just enough to stay away ;)

yeah- sorry, I should have included a sample or something… I would think of it as the detuned double saw trance sound of dnb- kinda what defines alot of newer stuff…

here is a kinda standard reece bass:

ahh- thanks- yeah, I’ve gotten that far, but there is alot more to it I think. I’ve been mixing squares with saws, detuning the saw, both through seperate filters and then through distortions and other filters… i can kinda get em, but just not how I want…

Clownstep :lol: :lol:

Clownstep is a strange mutation- that wobbly bass and those samples…

it’s a little too funny for me (you know I have to be a serious tuff guy all the time).

but people like what they like.

actually no, ive avoided it like the plague!
during that whole horrible period of time i was centered around ragga-jungle an mashup, still with both just more mashup.

anyway heres a sample i just found whilst googling:…le.php?id=18019

maybe its the sync? turn off the sync if you havent already.
i seem to remember the detuned saw was -30 or -60 cents.
just make sure they are both saws. an it will come.
then have the lpf or hpf adjusted to self oscillate.

its nice having a long attack, for the deep creeping up war feel.
or the quick attack for the missles shooting through the sky.
you want the detuned to be somewhat half or multiple of the other saw

the sound comes from juno alpha2 or 1.
what was special about it was the pwm. something was real strange about it back then.

Yeah, kinda sound like a super evil whoover, but downpitched and mutilated. I’ve been thinking about picking up a juno alpha 2 as they are like $150 these days.

yes theoretically its the same sound just filtered differently.

i cant remember the other names but terrorist is another.

heres a bunch of reaktor users arguing :lol:
its well informative tho.…hp/t-10867.html

:D :D :D

Oh man and I happen to have a song with some c64 stylish leads that sounds like its from the cirus… seriously thinking about it. hahaha

Speaking of some funny tunes -

Here are some notes/posts I collected about the Reece/Reese for anyone who cares.

[i]Reece: you take something like a synth with 2 detuned saw oscillators (up to you), export a .wav with one note or a melody playing (also up to you), and reload it into 2-4 samplers or so.
This lets you send each one into a separate mixer track, so that you can filter each one and use separate effects based on what frequencies are present.
For instance, distortion sounds pretty awful on high frequencies, but sounds good on highly filtered low frequencies. Also, you can add stereo effects to the high frequency component, but you should keep the bass fairly centered in the stereo field. Then you can add things like bandpass filter sweeps and other automated madness. Repeat as many times as is necessary.
Once you’re done, export the whole batch as a .wav and reload it into one sampler. Have fun playing melodies with it.

It’s pretty easy. Basically any subtractive synth will do.

Take two saw waveforms. Detune the second anywhere from 25-50 cents, depending on how wide you want it to sound.

Take the cutoff of a lowpass filter from anywhere between 90hz - 150hz. Just do it to taste, letting through however much harmonics you think sounds “right”.

Crank up the resonance - this is what gives a “reece” it’s really full sound. Be careful when you do this though, as this can get really loud at higher levels. Do it to taste, anywhere from 45%-100% (definitely depending on the filters on whatever synth you use).

There you have it.

In DnB it’s actually synthesis and sampling together. You create a sound you like, you sample it (usually at just one pitch, i.e. no multisamples, so that you can have that “obviously sampled” sound to it), maybe find some bad loop points within it so that it acts rythmically at few pitches (sound whoose loop is 1/8 @ C, will loosely have a loop dancing @ 1/8D on a G below that C etc.), and then use that sound as basis of further synthesis in a sampler.

So synthesize, resample. Layer two or three samples (one that is very subby, pure sine or just lowpassed to death, and then one for mids, one for highs etc.) to your sound etc.

Another trick is to have a simple sligty detuned sqare and lowpassed “sub” sound define your tone, and you layer some other stuff heavily lowpased above it (anything really, from people talking to furniture clanging) and high shelved so that bass sound defines the tone of it. Then resample this sound and you have an easy crazy patch with a lot of random movement.

You could also try time-domain or frequency-domain resynthesis. Won’t work very well for tight basses, but all sorts of other sampled material will work. p[/i]

Awesome- this is a good collection of notes… I had kinda been working in this direction in terms of resampling but didn’t have a clear defined idea as to how it is done. :yeah:

good sheet maing! B)

anyone know how to do that squelch sound thats in alot of newer dnb these days?

i found a filter that is supposed to be able to do it but i cant seem to get it right.
the filter:

the direct link to the plug, diverting his intended method of making you give your email addy
if you click that link you wont have to email the the guy to get the link

i had been looking for a combfilter for a hell of along time an in this it has 2 patches! so you might want to go the intended way an give your email, just because the fat that he made a plug with a good combfilter,shows hes paying attention.
just cant figure out how to get the squelch.

What kind of squelch? Is is bass oriented or…?

why you guys want to do " xxx sound thats in alot of newer dnb these days" For me, this is opposite. I try to keep away from stuff that is already used a lot. Of course you cant reinvent the wheel with each song, thats for sure… im just saying that i think its better to “just do your thing” and let it evolve, and if at the end that song happens to sound like hords of other popular tunes then ok, so be it… :) but dont try to sound like them from the beginning :) IMHO

I agree…but…

its good excercise to find out what makes what sound. Interesting point with the last sentence too, often trying to do soemthing original spawns the same old shit, and often fiddling around trying to reproduce a sound inspires a fresh idea.

Its good to just play around with things as much as possible is my 2c